Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Today being the first day of the year 2012.End of an spectacular year,with lots highs with some lows.It's being almost a year now in Bangalore.Still remember the day,when came to Bangalore after completion of ILP.TCS being the first job brought so much excitement in my life.Still never found it to be the appropriate place for me but lots of learning and new experiences in through the year.Being in Bangalore and having a very few friends here at the start, thought of leaving it earlier.But as the year passed by,got some of the most endearing friends which played a crucial role in getting towards the bigger endeavors of the life.
Coming to the upcoming year,next couple of days have to be a bit stressful,as banking on some of the things which need to be settled out soon.Hoping each one of us will get the best of themselves.HappY NeW YeaR:):)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

NewsMaker of the year 2011: M.S. Dhoni

Unlike other greats, Dhoni doesn't have the technical efficiency or elegance or panache that makes cricket folklore but somehow he transcends all boundaries and makes himself a hero to the common man. He seldom makes batting look good but his helicopter shot makes even the connoisseur of the game make an exception and applaud.
Despite all his inadequacies, Dhoni ended India's 28-year-long wait for a World Cup win and led the team to world's No. 1 Test status. What makes Dhoni click seems to defy logic but what makes him a hero to millions makes more sense - he hails from a small-town with modest means and unlike other success stories, Dhoni has shown that anyone can make it big with hard work. He gives the small town enthusiasts the belief and confidence to dream big.

This year Time magazine named Dhoni in its list of 100 most influential people in the world. Time's description of Dhoni was penned by Chetan Bhagat, saying:
"As astonishing as Dhoni's talent is his background. Indian success stories are usually associated with pedigree, connections and power. Dhoni, from a small-town family of modest means, had none of these, but he's shown India that you can make it with only one thing: excellence. Dhoni doesn't just lead a cricket team; he's also India's captain of hope. And he didn't just win India the World Cup; he also taught India how to win."

-----------------------------An excerpt from Yahoo India-----------------------------

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Sometimes we get a gut feeling,but we don't know what exactly does it means.
We try to speak out something,but don't get the words to express ourselves.
We do try to emulate someone,but it still doesn't work out.
We do witness some illusion,but cann't sort out what exactly they points out.
We do say something,but we means exactly the opposite.
It does happen that we say something,but then get confused why we said so,and confuse ourselves what exactly we meant by that.
It does happen that we need some backup at times,but it does feel bad when we don't get that at such crucial times.
Life is nothing but a game,showing up new players every now and then.It keeps on changing all the times.From the time we are born,we comes across new people,make new friends and witness new moments.
I still remember the first day when I went to school,and got a new bunch of classmates.We fought very badly for a small chocolate,and used to get angry when one gets the bigger bunch of share than the other.But it does felt great,when the other person exchange his share,and both agreed finally on sharing it equally.Similarly,the time when someone cheers up for you,getting happy for you and be there in your misery always motivates you to do well.
But it is actually ephemeral.Life keeps on changing with time and people do change with their changing priorities.But is it right?Why cann't we always remain the same?
Darwin's Theory of adapting with the change has always been significant.But this strange feeling of missing something has always been a nightmare from the very childhood.Actually I don't know,what does it actually means.But this feeling has been the same..........

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Revolution 2020

Just completed Revolution 2020.Heard some bad reviews about the novel earlier,but I actually liked this.The good thing about Chetan Bhagat is that his writings involves no fantasies and one can connect the writings to his life.Just getting a strange feeling after completing it.Life is really puzzling at times and we don't have answers to it every time.Every person has a good and a bad soul in himself.What matter's is which part is going to win and it will ultimately determine the fate.Is Gopal a bad person or the situations have made him the same?If Arti's stand in dilemma has been right?If Raghav can ever bring the revolution in a country having so many Shukla Ji's?These are some of the questions that will bother you through the novel.The end has been surprising but it could not have been better.Gopal has been the most influencing character but he never got his destiny.It's a story covering intellect,luck,fame,love,dream and destiny.At some places,the plots have lost their sheen, but Chetan Bhagat brought the story back in the plots as soon as you might get offended.So this one is a worth reading.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Luck,dream or destiny.

We met and it was a chance,
I saw her first hoping she would have looked me back.

I thought her to be shy and busy with her life,
but the first impression is not always right.

She was talking and I was listening,
I loved to listen and listen and listen,
I also started my chat with the kid at my back,
It was good,things seemed to have changed.

Then one fine day,I asked her for a tea,
she replied me back in assertion,
and it was great.

She was good,she was comely,
I was a good kid and it was sweet.
We loved to talk and enjoyed our walk,
Everything was good,things were fine.
It's always good, to have a friend,
who is there in your misery
and is always ready to help.

But luck has its own plan,
I had to move on.
But she was already a special person,
whom I respected a lot,
but never missed a chance to make her laugh.

From now on we regularly talked
and went for some casual walks.
This was really good,as we celebrated a lot.
I told her everything with my life,
she was my best friend,
whom I trust a lot.

She had some problems,everyone has his life,
I behaved a bit immature,but soon realized that I was wrong.

We again became very good friends,
and again luck had come to my side.
Had some real good moments in my life,
not sure whether it was some magical force that came back again my side.

Whenever I listen to some good music,
she is the first person who comes to my mind.
Don't know what is my destiny,
and what luck has put up for me.
But she has been the most lucky and charming person,
who actually came to my life.

So much help,so much advice,
So many good moments and so much fun.
Will never want to loose her,
even as a good friend.

Now after some time,when things are going pretty smooth,
looking at the luck,dream or destiny,
really puzzled what luck has put up in store for me,
and will I able to get my dream or destiny.

But one thing is for sure,
that I want her to be happy
and she also wants the same.
Just want to let the things to go,
the way they are going.

Is it a really big deal,
or will I always be a small kid,who don't want to grow up.

Hoping to be with her,as a good friend forever.
Just hoping that my luck also wants the same.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

City City Bang Bang....

These days,I am enjoying the wonderful weather of Bangalore.The best thing about Bangalore is that you just can n't speculate how the weather will change in next 10 minutes or so.The unpredictability makes it one of the better cities in India.Being an I.T. hub with all the MNC's and with such a wonderful ambiance,it will throb away your heart for sure.

I am just about to complete a year here.The reality is that every city has a different culture and a unique flavor.So comparing two cities is ideally not right.Talking about a few different cities,the city that comes to my mind is Varanasi,my alma mater.Once you enter in Varanasi,you will be getting a different feeling altogether.The wonderful farms,lotz of crowd and animals,but the best part being the food which you will not find in any place else.Be it the Kachori-Sabji,Jalebi,sweets,lunch or dinner; you will surely forget all the Starters and Main Course of the best of restaurants.The other things that I would like to mention is the Ghats and temples,which are truly the lifeline of Varanasi.You will actually realize the meaning of life if you will sit alone on any of the Ghats for just 10 minutes.The kind of satisfaction and peace that we get the ultimate rest to our soul.People are cooperative and full of blithe.You will actually get the real meaning of being unbothered here.The one thing that can bother you is the crowd,which is growing every day and the wonderful roads which are full of dust.Still the city has pretty to cheer about and with Varanasi being the oldest city and the cultural capital of India,there can not be any replacement of Varanasi.
Don't feel like writing more.So quitting this post in between.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


These days I really feel that there should be a device to read the mind. Not sure how will it work or be implemented,but there is an utter need for it.When we talk someone,we are never sure what they are thinking and what they are talking about.It will be really funny if we can read others mind without their knowing that we are reading things presently going through their mind.
Today got to know an incident from a friend that someone broke to their room and they did not touched any valuable stuffs but just touched the container having sweets through which I was expecting to get some.I never wanted the complete container but not sure whether the thief is so smart to take only the container and missing the rest of stuffs.Another case can be that actually some thieves would have come but they got nothing valuable but the sweets,so got away with the sweets only.My luck seems to be at it utter best with the incidents of crashing of my hard disk followed by my packet of sweets.God knows what goes in the mind of others.Whether they mean something seriously or they are joking.It can be the case they are telling something that is exactly opposite of what is going through their mind.Soon I will make my hands dirty to device it soon;).
This would probably be the most important invention to create a device having the ability to speculate the things presently going in the mind of a person. Just want to create one soon.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Last few days have been a source of great fun,some quality learning and so much of introspection.Looking back,I can surely see that so much happened over the last one year.
I still remember the same days during the last year when we were greatly excited about getting the joining date for the first job.Though the joining got delayed ,still being the first job we were surely full of enthusiasm and overall state was jovial.Joining in Coimbatore was fun.As usual I tried to start things with a bang during the training days but after a period of one week or so, I could realize the same feeling that I use to get in the college days.Though quality of training was good for sure,but still something from my inner was missing.The utter feeling of being in the top and excel was missing for sure.So somehow training got over and I was somewhat bored in the end.But the training was fun for sure as we had some of the best moments during the training.Coming to the Bangalore was the best thing that could have happened to me.
Got a really funny but highly cooperative team to work with.Till Feb everything was going on fine and smooth, but then after some jinks,things started to be changing soon.Not sure whether it was some luck factor that came in March or something else, but it was a setback for sure.Again realized my childhood days ahead.The best part was to get some real good friends which I don't want to loose during the lifetime for sure.As life being unpredictable and we don't have the master of our destiny, we just can n't speculate that what is there in store for us.Not sure enough whether I will get what I want, but surely have the urge to get it.Some great support has been following but want it to remain throughout.
There should be some device to read the mind and so I miss my superpowers the most;).
Let's hope to get the things which we deserve.The stark reality here being that some courage that used to be missing seems to be coming back in me.Just hoping to get the things done in the best way they should be happening.It being 8th October,really the judgement day seems to be coming soon .Surely need some strong luck in coming days.God bless each one of us:):).

Vijay Dashmi!!!!!!!!!

As the candlelight flames
ur life gets showered with happiness,
As the mountain goes high
you move without any shy,
As sunshine creates morning Glory
fragnance fills years as Flory,
All darkness is far away
as light is on its way,
Each one of us should pledge today
to renonce at least a bad habit today.
Wishing u all a very happy Vijay Dashmi.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


What was the game
that we used to play,
I closed my eyes
nd soon everyone fades away.
It isn't the game
but my life.
Still new players come
and old goes far away.
But this time
I truely want to stop this game.
Someone please stop this game
and my friends please don't fade away.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Independence Day!!!!

65th Independence Day is just an hour away and the things going are actually haunting me.The way things are shaping is really bringing the shame about the Indian bureaucracy.Last year witnessed the biggest scams that can be thought of but no steps were taken against the criminals involved.This is giving a lesson to everyone that you keep on doing wrong and nothing will be done against you.This is not right but children are also learning the same lesson these days.
One good thing that happened in the previous days is the uprising unity among Indians against the underlying corruption in the system.It's good to see that people are getting aware of it and somehow everyone wants it to be root-caused and removed.What we can do on our end is to bring such posts on social media like blogs or facebook and to reject any kind of bribery or corruption from our end.Everyone should be the part of such an initiative as only small efforts will direct us towards a bigger result.
The main problem here is that we want system to be clean but we will our self never miss an opportunity to be involved in the corruption as it is the part of human nature. I am just hoping that things shape well again the way it should be and some strict actions should be taken against those involved in corruption and crime.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Life Goes On!!!

We met, we laughed,
We walked,we talked,
We became kids,we did some stupid things
Life was going on smoothly,the way it should be going
I did some childish things and had some wonderful time.
All was going well,life was going on fine.
Then one fine day,I got something to cheer about
my friend also got something to cheer about,so it was fine.
Then things started to change
nobody was getting time,
still my friend was there and so was I.
Time started to pass-by,we had no time,
life is no longer a child's play,but still we had our time.
Some more time passed,life had to change
and one fine day I got my moment again,
expecting things to be smooth again,
but to my surprise,my friend was far away,
being delighted wanted to celebrate my moment again,
but something went wrong in between,
I always believed to speak out the things,but that also does not helped.
The only thing that I got of it is that, life goes on and on and on,
so better is to let it go, the way it does it's own way.

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's complicated.

Another weekend came.The best part in working in an IT companies is that weekends come so soon here.At the time we start to burn-out,weekends come for our rescue.The most difficult days in the week are Monday and Tuesday.Monday is the worst insomniac of the five working days.Anyways things are going on smoothly at job front with some difficulty in the new opportunities for automation.But I am sure that I will come out of this in the best possible manner.

Today got a call from one of my friend.I don't know what went in his mind that he proposed his one of the best friend.What I can get of all this is that if a guy proposes a girl,it is like a do or die situation.If girl accepts then everything is good, but somehow if she rejects then it is worst for the boy.It is really difficult for the boy to cope up with this situation.But still I can not figure out,why did she refused the proposal.They are actually very good friends and my friend is the one who really cares for her.It actually reflects in the way we start to behave,when we are kind of committed for someone.

But now as she rejected,it is difficult for him to even call her.Actually this whole concept of a guy proposing a girl is flawed.Why only guys are expected to call,message or even propose a girl?If there is something in the mind of a girl,they should be expressive.Sometime they do talk,and sometime they are the most busy creature on this planet.Anyway girls are caring and value any relationship a lot and every time they have the final call in their hand and it should be with them.But still they should be a little bit more affirmative in their approach towards those who really trusts them:).

But as is the saying that it is really the biggest puzzle to speculate what is going on in the mind of a girl.Similarly with my friend things went wrong in misunderstanding his best friend.But I really wish that they should be together.

So as a good friend,it is my responsibility to be the next best friend and pacify him with a good movie and some class food,as the next best thing for any guy apart from their loved ones is the classic food for which we can forget anything.I have always believed that if we want something,we should really work for it in every situation.May be we are busy with our job,love,life or some other urgent work, our priorities should be there.But things becomes a little bit messed up when we are caught among so many things going simultaneously.One of my mentors told me that if we actually want something,we will surely get it.So better to strive for our ultimate love and passion together in the best way we can.But things with others are actually pulling us back.

It is complicated and we cann't help it:).

Monday, July 4, 2011

Delhi Belly!!!!!!

Writing this blog after a long period.So much has happened in between.
So many birthdays came and gone with some real nice treats.

Went to watch Delhi Belly with friends and it was probably the first time,that I wanted to laugh but wanted it to get over as soon as possible.Really had nothing to say after the movie.Was irritated a little bit so left after the movie without saying much.It was not a proper behavior but it does happens with each of us sometimes,so no issues as such.

Some great thing in the form of patent also happened in the office front.Hoping that it will get selected ultimately.Some nice demos and presentations were in the store backing up the presentation.So it will be good.Also some of the nice advice and wishes from some of the friends is actually working these days.So just want the things to be the way they are going.
Life is all about up's and down's and the earliest we realize it will be the best for us.

Last week saw the wonderful match that Federer lost.I actually felt bad when someone like him losses but that's the part of life and everyone faces some tough time in his/her life.So he will come back for sure.There are some guys whom I really admire.Federer and Sachin are the two who tops the list.Seems that this writing should be enough after the busy day that I had today.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Why do we always hurt those closest to us?

Why do we always hurt those closest to us? These are the people that mean the most to us yet so often we find ourselves losing our temper more quickly with them, or say things we know are hurtful. On the flip side, we tend to almost be more cordial and tolerant with those who are not so close to us. We tend to try harder to please those that are not so close, and therefore are more polite and grateful to them.

Some people say that the answer to the question of why we tend to hurt those closer to us is because ironically ourloved ones be it parents,good friends or beloved ones know the 'buttons' to push in us. They know what triggers us and when they do it, they hurt us more deeply and we retaliate and hurt them back. This is true when there is a very low level of trust in the relationship. We may have been hurt so many times by those close to us that our response to a slight provocation is based not only on the provocation at hand but also all the past hurts we have endured. This results in a disproportionately more severe retaliation to hurt the person.

We are more likely to get angry at someone close to us because we have higher expectations of them. We expect them to know us and understand us better, to be able to predict our needs and take heed to our feelings better. We expect them to be more sensitive, more reliable, more trustworthy and more loving. We expect more time, more effort and more commitment to us. These higher expectations also means that it is easier for our dear ones to fall short of them. Failure to meet and expectation hurts us more deeply when it is by a dear one.

The next reason why we are more likely to get angry to someone close to us is because we have come to take them for granted. For new acquaintances or those not so close to us, we try to impress and gain their friendship by being nicer and more polite. However when it comes to our dear ones, we feel that we no longer have to work for their affection.Some of us may think this is rather morbid but I can guarantee that you will stop taking those around you for granted if you always keep in mind the possibility you could lose this person.

In conclusion, talk about your expectations and always learn to cherish those close to you before it is too late. This way, atleast there will be at least a sense of faith and honour for aur dear ones,and we will think thrice before actually hurting the feeling.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Day Full Of Confusion!!!!!!

When we wakes up in the morning,what is the first thing that comes to our mind?I guess everyone thinks that the day goes smoothly with not much ambiguities and complications.But we can n't predict that what is actually there in store for us.

On the same note I started my day with the same thinking of having a great weekend but things always don't go the way we actually want it to be.

Actually I had a plan of going for a movie with a friend today so I decided to skip a session that I had to attend today.But then due to advent of mobile technology,things got worse when I called her and she called me back.By chance it came busy each of the time.Phone kiya,trunk call kiya ,sms kiya,ping kiya but things didn't go according to my plan.So I decided to skip the plan of movie and attending the session again.I was getting the feeling that this is just the beginning of a day that had so many surprises for me.
I guess in the past one month,it was the hottest day and to my surprise,no bus came at my stop.After half an hour,I got into a bus that was already overcrowded which ultimately got struck in the worst Bangalorian traffic jam:(.I had to report for the session at 1.30 pm but I reached there by 2 pm.The faculty was ready to kick me out of the class but somehow I got to convince him that by mistake I thought the timing of session to be 2 pm rather than 1.30 pm.After attending the session for 4.5 hrs,I just wanted to end my day at a good note.

So I thought of calling my friend for a walk but my good luck was at it utter best.I got to a Volvo and I somehow dropped the ticket somewhere in the bus itself.In the last 5 years or so,I never saw that police comes to check whether everyone is carrying a ticket or not.So a cop caught me travelling without a ticket and he was ready with a big fine.I knew it could n't be better for me,but thanks to the school-kind of bag gifted by my old teammates,I somehow convinced the cop that I actually bought a ticket and I lost the ticket in bus itself by mistake.The conductor came to my rescue.I had money but by chance I escaped without a fine:).Anyway,this day had it moments but things went exactly the opposite I thought it to be a day before:(
Still 3 hrs are left for the day and I am skeptical that still some surprises are there in store for me:):):):).

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awesome day @Park Field Resotel.

Today got an opportunity to go on outing with my new team at Dell.It was filled with all the fun.We started the day with a good breakfast and then went for cricket.My good day continued with a great batting display filled with 11 sixes and a good bowling performance and we won conveniently.Then it was time for tennis.I realized that playing tennis was not at all easy.Then we went for lunch and the best part of the trip came with action at swimming pool where we played water polo.It was really a mesmerizing trip with some of the best memories which I will carry throughout the life.:)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A little rhyme!!!!!!!!!

When we think of the sun,
we think of the warmth and having fun,
it makes the plants to grow and flowers to bloom.

What are the things that make us happy,
when we are feeling low?
beautiful flowers like the rose,
the beautiful rainbow,
the calm and beautiful deep blue sea,
and the best innocent smile of a kid.

A beautiful earth for us to love and treat with care
beautiful trees and the grass that is green
twinkling stars and the moon at night can be seen
I hope you enjoyed this little rhyme,
I would love to write more but I'm running out of time.:):)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today was the day when I was really puzzled.One HR session was going in which a very simple question was asked."When you close your eyes and someone asks you to think about the most beautiful thing whom you never want to loose,what do you see?"The simple condition was that you can not open your eyes for 1 minute.To my surprise,I got something which I really never anticipated.Actually I was having a very good time but one thing was intriguing for the past 2-3 days.I was really puzzled about this but later as the session progressed,my puzzle became np-problem that actually has no solution.The clarification that I got was that if something keeps you bothering to an unbearable extent,then the best resolution is to say good bye to it as soon as possible.The morale of the HR session was that we should try our part in order to get what we actually wants from the life.It doesn't matter whether we succeeded or not,but ultimately once we try,we would have the satisfaction in our heart that we tried our level best,whatever could be the end result.But things actually going in my mind were just the opposite.But one thing that is there is that mind is skeptical and it will never let the things to go the way you want it to be.
I remember a line from a famous Hollywood flick"If there is a toy which a child likes so much,but after some time it actually starts hurting the child by either getting inaccessible in some way or the other,then it is the best time to say good bye to that toy".
This is only increasing my confusion.:(

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bid Adieu!!!

Finally my last day at the organization came.I will really miss some of the best moments of my lifetime.It was a great learning experience and will help me throughout the lifetime.Also did some of the most funny things there and it reminds me of the naughty memories of school time when I was kid.Life always gives you something to cheer about and that's what I learnt from a good friend there.I will definitely miss Sametime chat and evening walk that was a part of last 1 month.Hoping the things will remain the same in my next tenure starting from Monday.The following poem is just the gratitude towards my organisation and sweet friends there.All the best to each of the friends working and I know they will excel in whatever endeavors they are possessing.

Here I sit

In a seat that’s reserved

To take me to nowhere

Looking out the window

At the ground that’s growing smaller under me

Tears turn dry on my skin

Trying to hide my eyes

As I wave goodbye

to my heart

That’s staying behind

Crying …hiding… Struggling with my smiling…

Could this be heartache

That I’m denying?

Saying goodbye to the one

That made me feel like me

That I’m wanted

There where I want to be.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Waqt Nahi....

Har Khushi Hai logon ke daman main,
Par ek Hansi ke liye WAQT NAHI...

Din raat daudti dunaiya main,
Jeene ke liye WAQT NAHI...

Maa ki lori ka ehsaas to hai,
Par Maa ko Maa kehne ka WAQT NAHI...

Saare Rishton ko to hum maar chuke,
Ab unhe dafnaane ka bhi WAQT NAHI...

Saare naam mobile me hain,
Par dosti ke liye WAQT NAHI...

Gairon ki kya baat kare,
Jab apno ke liye hi WAQT NAHI...

Aankho me hai neend bhari,
Par sone ka bhi WAQT NAHI...

Tu hi bata e zindagi, is zindagi ka kya hoga,
ki har pal marne walo ko jeene ke liye bhi.......WAQT NAHI...

(Not by me,but achi lagi so posting.)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Short Story By Chetan Bhagat

One of the best short story by Chetan Bhagat:-

Everyone will give you an opinion on how to live your life. No one, no one will give
you good advice on how to end it. Worse, they will tell you to continue living, without
any respect for individual choice. Yes, hi, I’m Gautam Arora, and after eighteen
wonderful years in Delhi, I’ve decided to end my life.
I sat with my best friend Neeraj and his girlfriend Anjali at Costa Coffee, DLF
Metropolitan Mall in Saket. The coffee is way overpriced, but considering I had a day
to live, I didn’t mind getting ripped off.
“The joke isn’t that funny,” Neeraj said, tearing open the second sachet of brown
sugar and mixing it for his girlfriend. If this girl can’t mix sugar in her coffee, I
wonder what she will be like after marriage.
“Do I look like I am joking? You are in medical college, and as a friend and someone
two years elder to me, I am asking your advice on what is the most painless, graceful
way to go. And ideally, it should be available at the friendly neighbourhood chemist,”
I said. I ordered a chocolate fudge cake. What are a few extra calories on your last
Anjali kept quiet, her iPod plugged in her ears. She had come to the mall to shop with
her boyfriend rather than meet me. Neeraj said he only dated Anjali as her father had
given her a car and driver, which made it easy to go around. Besides, she looked ok.
She was pretty enough to invite a second stare from men, though that’s hardly an
achievement in Delhi where men’s standards can be quite modest.
“Dude, you topped your school. How much did you score in your class XII boards
again?” Neeraj said.
“Ninety two per cent,” I said.
“Ninety what?” Neeraj said as he ripped out Anjali’s earphones, “Anjali, the dude
scored ninety two per cent in commerce! Do you know of anyone who has scored that
Anjali shook her head.
“Wow, you must have studied a lot,” she said.
I nodded. I had done nothing but study in the last two years.
“No time for hobbies?” she said.
I shook my head. My only hobbies were eating three meals and sleeping five hours a
day. The rest of the time was with my books.
“With ninety two, you should be fine,” Neeraj said.
“Not according to SRCC, not according to Stephen’s and not according to Hindu, oh
what the heck,” I said as I opened my rucksack.
I gave him the special admissions supplement from the newspaper. I had snucked it
out early morning so mom and dad wouldn’t see it.
“Wow, check out Lady Sri Ram. B.Com Honours is at 95.5 per cent!” Neeraj said.
“That’s a girl’s college,” Anjali said.
“I know,” I said.
“Don’t worry, he wouldn’t have made it anyway. Anjali, why don’t you go spend
some of your father’s money,” Neeraj said and winked at me.
Anjali and I both gave Neeraj a dirty look. Neeraj air-kissed Anjali and gestured to her
to leave.
Seriously, don’t kill yourself. To us, you are still the school topper,” Neeraj said after
Anjali left.
“So what do I do?” I said, my voice loud, “stay back in school? This topper tag makes
things worse. My parents already threw a party for our friends and relatives like I
have made it big time in life. I cut a cake with the icing ‘family superstar’.”
“Nice,” Neeraj said.
“Not nice at all. All relatives congratulated my mother. They see me as the next
hotshot investment banker on Wall Street. The least they expect me to do is get into a
good college in DU.”
“There are still some colleges that you will get,” Neeraj said as I cut him off.
“But none with the same brand value. Thus, you can’t get a decent job after them. You
can’t get into the top MBA school.”
Neeraj pushed my coffee cup towards me. I hadn’t touched it. I picked it up and
brought it close to my mouth but couldn’t drink it.
“I made one tiny calculation error in my math paper,” I said, “read one stupid unit
conversion wrong. That’s it. If only...”
“If only you could chill out. You are going to college, dude! Branded or not, it is
always fun.”
“Screw fun,” I said.
“What kind of kids are they taking in anyway?” Neeraj said, “you have to be a beancounter
stickler to get ninety seven per cent. Like someone who never takes chances
and revises the paper twenty times.”
“I don’t know, I revised it five times. That stupid calculation...”
“Gautam, relax. That paper is done. And sticklers don’t do well in life. Innovative and
imaginative people do.”
“That’s not what DU thinks. You don’t understand, my father has proclaimed in his
office I will join SRCC. I can’t go to him with a second rung college admission. It’s
like his whole life image will alter. Hell, I won’t be able to deal with it myself.”
An SMS from Anjali on Neeraj’s phone interrupted our conversation. At Kimaya,
tried fab dress. Come urgently, want your opinion. Neeraj typed the reply back.
Honey, it looks great. Buy it.
Neeraj grinned as he showed me his response. “I think you should go,” I said. Rich
dads’ daughters can throw pretty nasty tantrums. Neeraj took out the money for
coffee. I stopped him. “My treat,” I said. Leave people happy on your last day, I
thought. “Of course, I take this as your treat for cracking your boards,” Neeraj said
and smiled. He ruffled my hair and left. I came out of the mall and took an auto home.
I met my parents at the dinner table. “So when will the university announce the cutoffs?”
my father said.
“In a few days,” I said. I looked up at the dining table fan. No, I couldn’t hang myself.
I can’t bear suffocation.
My mother cut mangoes after dinner. The knife made me think of slitting my wrists.
Too painful, I thought and dropped the idea.
“So now, my office people are asking me, ‘when is our party?’,” my father said as he
took a slice.
“I told you to call them to the party we did for neighbours and relatives,” my mother
“How will they fit with your brothers and sisters? My office people are very
sophisticated,” my father said.
“My brothers are no less sophisticated. They went to Singapore last year on vacation.
At least they are better than your family,” she said.
My father laughed at my mother’s sullen expression. His happiness levels had not
receded since the day I received my result.
“My office people want drinks, not food. Don’t worry, I’ll do another one for them
when he gets into SRCC or Stephen’s.”
My father worked in the sales division of Tata Tea. We had supplied our entire set of
neighbours with free tea for the last five years. As a result, we had more well-wishers
than I’d have liked.
“Even my country head called to congratulate me for Gautam. He said – nothing like
Stephen’s for your brilliant son,” my father said.
“Gupta aunty came from next door. She wanted to see if you can help her daughter
who is in class XI,” my mother said.
Is she pretty, I wanted to ask, but didn’t. It didn’t matter.
came to my room post dinner. I hadn’t quite zeroed down on the exact method, but
thought I should start working on the suicide letter anyway. I didn’t want it to be one
of the clichéd ones – I love you all and it is no one’s fault, and I’m sorry mom and
dad. Yuck, just like first impressions, last impressions are important too. In fact, I
didn’t want to do any silly suicide letter. When it is your last, you’d better make it
important. I decided to write it to the education minister. I switched on my computer
and went to the Education Department website. Half the site links were broken. There
was a link called “What after class XII?” I clicked on it, it took me to a blank page
with an under construction sign. I sighed as I closed the site. I opened Microsoft Word
to type.
Dear Education Minister,
I hope you are doing fine and the large staff of your massive bungalow is treating you
well. I won’t take much of your time.
I’ve passed out of class XII and I’ve decided to end my life. I scored ninety-two per
cent in my boards, and I have a one foot high trophy from my school for scoring the
highest. However, there are so many trophy holding students in this country and so
few college seats, that I didn’t get into a college that will train me to the next level or
open up good opportunities.
I know I have screwed up. I should have worked harder to get another three per cent.
However, I do want to point out a few things to you. When my parents were young,
certain colleges were considered prestigious. Now, forty years later, the same colleges
are considered prestigious. What’s interesting is that no new colleges have come up
with the same brand or reputation level. Neither have the seats expanded in existing
colleges fast enough to accommodate the rising number of students.
I’ll give you an example. Just doing some meaningless surfing, I saw that 3.8 lakh
candidates took the CBSE class XII exam in 1999, a number that has grown to 8.9
lakh in 2009. This is just one board, and if you take ICSE and all other state boards,
the all India total number is over ten times that of CBSE. We probably had one crore
students taking the class XII exam this year.
While not everyone can get a good college seat, I just want to talk about the so-called
good students. The top 10 per cent alone of these one crore students is ten lakh
children. Yes, these ten lakh students are their class toppers. In a class of fifty, they
will have the top-5 ranks.
One could argue that these bright kids deserve a good college to realise their full
potential. Come to think of it, it would be good for our country too if we train our
bright children well to be part of the new, shining, gleaming, glistening or whatever
you like to call the globalised India.
But then, it looks like you have stopped making universities. Are there ten lakh top
college seats in the country? Are there even one lakh? Ever wondered what happens to
the rest of us, year after year? Do we join a second rung college? A deemed
university? A distance learning programme? A degree in an expensive, racist country?
Your government runs a lot of things. You run an airline that never makes money. You
run hotels. You want to be involved in making basic stuff like steel and aluminum,
which can easily be made by more efficient players. However, in something as
important as
shaping the young generation, you have stepped back. You have stopped making new
universities. Why?
You have all the land you want, teachers love to get a government job, education
funds are never questioned. Still, why? Why don’t we have new, A-grade universities
in every state capital for instance?
Oh well, sorry. I am over reacting. If only I had not done that calculation error in my
math paper, I’d be fine. In fact, I am one of the lucky ones. In four years, the number
of candidates will double. So then we will have a college that only has 99 per cent
My parents were a bit deluded about my abilities, and I do feel bad for them. I didn’t
have a girlfriend or too many friends, as people who want to get into a good college
are not supposed to have a life. If only I knew that slogging for twelve years would
not amount to much, I’d have had more fun.
Apart from that, do well, and say hello to the PM, who as I understand, used to teach
in college.
Yours truly,
(Poor student)
I took a printout of the letter and kept it in my pocket. I decided to do the act the next
morning. I woke up as the maid switched off the fan to sweep the room. She came
inside and brought a box of sweets. A fifty-year-old woman, she had served us for
over ten years. “What?” I said as she gave me the box. It had kaju-barfi, from one of
the more expensive shops in the city. The maid had spent a week’s salary distributing
sweets to anyone known to her. “My son passed class XII,” she said as she started her
work. “How much did he score?” I said, still rubbing my eyes. “Forty two per cent.
He passed English too,” she said as her face beamed with pride. “What will he do
now?” I said. “I don’t know. Maybe his own business, he can repair mobile phones,”
she said.
went to the bathroom for a shower. I realised the newspaper would have come outside.
I ran out of the bathroom. I picked up the newspaper from the entrance floor. I took
out the admissions supplement, crumpled it and threw it in the dustbin kept outside
the house. I came back inside the house and went back into the shower.
I left the house mid-day. I took the metro to Chandni Chowk and asked my way to the
industrial chemicals market. Even though I had left science after class X, I knew that
certain chemicals like Copper Sulphate or Ammonium Nitrate could kill you. I bought
a pack of both compounds. As I passed through the lanes of Chandni Chowk, I passed
a tiny hundred square feet jalebi shop. It did brisk business. I thought my last meal
had to be delicious. I went to the counter and took a quarter kilo of jalebis.
I took my plate and sat on one of the two rickety benches placed outside the shop.
A Muslim couple with a four-year-old boy came and sat on the next bench. The
mother fed the boy jalebi and kissed him after each bite. It reminded me of my
childhood and my parents, when they used to love me unconditionally and marks
didn’t exist. I saw the box of Ammonium Nitrate and tears welled up in my eyes. I
couldn’t eat the jalebis. I came back home. I wondered if I should use my chemicals
before or after dinner. Maybe it is better after everyone has slept, I thought.
We sat at the dinner table. Dad had told mom not to cook as he’d brought Chinese
takeaway for us. Mom brought the soya sauce, chilli oil and the vinegar with cut
green chillies in little katoris. We ate American chopsuey on stainless steel plates. I
looked at my watch, it was 8 pm. Three more hours, I thought as I let out a sigh.
“One thing Kalpana,” my father said to my mother, “job candidates aren’t what they
used to be these days. I interviewed for new trainees today, disappointing.”
“Why, what happened?” my mother said.
“Like this boy from Stephen’s, very bright kid. But only when it came to his
“Really?” my mother said.
“Yeah, but I asked him a different question. I said how would you go about having a
tea-shop chain like the coffee shop chains, and he went blank,” my father said, an inch
of noodle hanging outside his mouth. My mother removed it from his face.
“And then some kid from SRCC. He topped his college. But you should have seen his
arrogance. Even before the interview starts, he says ‘I hope at the end of our meeting,
you will be able to tell me why I should join Tata Tea and not another company’. Can
you imagine? I am twice his age.”
I could tell my father was upset from his serious tone.
“If you ask me,” my father continued, “the best candidate was a boy from Bhopal.
Sure, he didn’t get into a top college. But he was an eighty per cent student. And he
said ‘I want to learn. And I want to show that you don’t need a branded college to do
well in life. Good people do well anywhere.’ What a kid. Thank God we shortlisted
him in the first place.”
“Did he get the job?” I said.
“Yes, companies need good workers, not posh certificates. And we are having a
meeting to discuss our short listing criteria again. The top colleges are so hard to get
in, only tunnel vision people are being selected.” “Then why are you asking him to
join Stephen’s or SRCC?” my mother said.
My father kept quiet. He spoke after a pause. “Actually, after today, I’d say don’t just
go by the name. Study the college, figure out their dedication, and make sure they
don’t create arrogant nerds. Then whatever the brand, you will be fine. The world
needs good people.”
I looked at my parents as they continued to talk. Excuse me, but I have a plan to
execute here. And now you are confusing me, I thought. “So should I study some
more colleges and make a decision after that?” I said. “Yes, of course. No need for
herd-mentality. Kalpana you should have seen this boy from Bhopal.”
Post-dinner, my parents watched TV in the living room while eating fruits. I retracted
to my room. I sat on my desk wondering what to do next. The landline phone rang in
my parent’s room. I went inside and picked it up.
“Hello Gautam?” the voice on the other side said.
It was my father’s colleague from work. “Hello, Yash uncle,” I said. “Hi,” he said,
“congratulations on your boards.” “Thanks uncle,” I said, “dad is in the living room
finishing dinner, should I call him?” “Dinner? Oh, don’t disturb him. Just tell him his
mobile is with me. It is safe. We were on a field trip today. He left it in my car.” “Field
trip? For interviews?” I said. “What interviews? No, we just went to the Chandigarh
office,” he said.
I wished him good night and hung up the phone. I switched on the bedside lamp in
my parents’ room. Confused, I sat down on my father’s bed, wondering what to do
next. To make space, I moved his pillow. Under the pillow lay a crumpled newspaper.
I picked it up. It was the same admissions supplement I had tossed in the bin this
morning. My father had circled the cut-offs table.
I left the newspaper there and came to the living room. My father was arguing with
my mother over the choice of channels. I looked at my father. He smiled at me and
offered me watermelon. I declined.
I came back to my room. I picked up the chemical boxes and took them to the toilet. I
opened both boxes and poured the contents in the toilet commode. One press, and
everything, everything flushed out.
“Gautam,” my mother knocked on the door, “I forgot to tell you. Gupta aunty came
again. Can you teach her daughter?”
“Maybe,” I said as I came out of the toilet, “by the way, is she pretty?”

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Masterpiece by Ruskin Bond

The Eyes Have It

I HAD THE TRAIN compartment to myself up to Rohana, then a girl got in. The couple who saw her off were probably her parents. They seemed very anxious about her comfort and the woman gave the girl detailed instructions as to where to keep her things, when not to lean out of windows, and how to avoid speaking to strangers.

They called their goodbyes and the train pulled out of the station. As I was totally blind at the time, my eyes sensitive only to light and darkness, I was unable to tell what the girl looked like. But I knew she wore slippers from the way they slapped against her heels.

It would take me some time to discover something about her looks and perhaps I never would. But I liked the sound of her voice and even the sound of her slippers.

‘Are you going all the way to Dehra? I asked.

I must have been sitting in a dark corner because my voice startled her. She gave a little exclamation and said, I didn’t know anyone else was here.’

Well, it often happens that people with good eyesight fail to see what is right in front of them. They have too much to take in, I suppose. Whereas people who cannot see (or see very little) have to take in only the essentials, whatever registers tellingly on their remaining senses.

I didn’t see you either,’ I said. ‘But I heard you come in.’

I wondered if I would be able to prevent her from discovering that I was blind. Provided I keep to my seat, I thought, it shouldn’t be too difficult. The girl said, I am getting off at Saharanpur. My aunt is meeting me there.’

“Then I had better not get too familiar/ I replied. ‘Aunts are usually formidable creatures.’

‘Where are you going?’ she asked. ‘To Dehra and then to Mussoorie.’

‘Oh, how lucky you are. I wish I were going to Mussoorie. I love the hills. Especially in October.’

‘Yes, this is the best time,’ I said, calling on my memories. “The hills are covered with wild dahlias, the sun is delicious, and at night you can sit in front of a log fire and drink a little brandy. Most of the tourists have gone and the roads are quiet and almost deserted. Yes, October is the best time.’

She was silent. I wondered if my words had touched her or whether she thought me a romantic fool. Then I made a mistake.

‘What is it like outside?’ I asked.

She seemed to find nothing strange in the question. Had she noticed already that I could not see? But her next question removed my doubts.

‘Why don’t you look out of the window?’ she asked.

I moved easily along the berth and felt for the window ledge. The window was open and I faced it, making a pretence of studying the landscape. I heard the panting of the engine, the rumble of the wheels, and, in my mind’s eye I could see telegraph posts flashing by.

‘Have you noticed,’ I ventured, ‘that the trees seem to be moving while we seem to be standing still?’

“That always happens,’ she said. ‘Do you see any animals?’

‘No,’ I answered quite confidently. I knew that there were hardly any animals left in the forests near Dehra.

I turned from the window and faced the girl and for a while we sat in silence.

‘You have an interesting face,’ I remarked. I was becoming quite daring but it was a safe remark. Few girls can resist flattery. She laughed pleasantly?a clear, ringing laugh.

‘It’s nice to be told I have an interesting face. I’m tired of people telling me I have a pretty face.’

Oh, so you do have a pretty face, thought I. And aloud I said: ‘Well, an interesting face can also be pretty.’

‘You are a very gallant young man/ she said. ‘But why are you so serious?’

I thought, then, that I would try to laugh for her, but the thought of laughter only made me feel troubled and lonely.

‘We’ll soon be at your station/ I said.

‘Thank goodness it’s a short journey. I can’t bear to sit in a train for more than two or three hours.’

Yet I was prepared to sit there for almost any length of time, just to listen to her talking. Her voice had the sparkle of a mountain stream. As soon as she left the train she would forget our brief encounter. But it would stay with me for the rest of the journey and for some time after.

The engine’s whistle shrieked, the carriage wheels changed their sound and rhythm, the girl got up and began to collect her things. I wondered if she wore her hair in a bun or if it was plaited. Perhaps it was hanging loose over her shoulders. Or was it cut very short?

The train drew slowly into the station. Outside, there was the shouting of porters and vendors and a high-pitched female voice near the carriage door. That voice must have belonged to the girl’s aunt.

‘Goodbye/ the girl said.

She was standing very close to me. So close that the perfume from her hair was tantalizing. I wanted to raise my hand and touch her hair but she moved away. Only the scent of perfume still lingered where she had stood.

There was some confusion in the doorway. A man, getting into the compartment, stammered an apology. Then the door banged and the world was shut out again. I returned to my berth. The guard blew his whistle and we moved off. Once again I had a game to play and a new fellow traveller.

The train gathered speed, the wheels took up their song, the carriage groaned and shook. I found the window and sat in front of it, staring into the daylight that was darkness for me.

So many things were happening outside the window. It could be a fascinating game guessing what went on out there.

The man who had entered the compartment broke into my reverie.

‘You must be disappointed/ he said. ‘I’m not nearly as attractive a travelling companion as the one who just left.’ ‘She was an interesting girl/ I said. ‘Can you tell me?did she keep her hair long or short?’

‘I don’t remember/ he said sounding puzzled. ‘It was her eyes I noticed, not her hair. She had beautiful eyes but they were of no use to her. She was completely blind. Didn’t you saw?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prologue:-My Dream Date(Part 2)

Mac has always a dream that he use to watch at 6 am in the morning.
"I am driving my brand new Honda Civic with her.There is no traffic whatsoever.In the background "Green Day Wake Me Up When September Ends"is being played and I am holding her hands the best way someone can hold.Then I stop the car and she kiss me back.It can't be better than this."
But as always whenever the climax come in an Hindi movie,every time police arrives.Similarly it is the time when Mac's mom came and wake him up.It is the time for some quality scolding for Mac.
The state of our lover boy is exactly similar to a fish bone half struck in the throat.

Short Story-A Boy's Will!!!!(Part 1)

What does every boy wants to be in his life?Is it an engineer,a doctor,a teacher or even a police officer.I guess these are the only five things that a kid think that he would be when he gets older.
When a girl is young,she will also think of becoming an doctor,a teacher ,an astronaut or an actress.
But what will happen,if somehow a very beautiful girl got admitted in a top engineering college and she gets her branch as mechanicals.What if a geek guy falls in love with such a diva?
In this story our protagonists are Mayank whose nickname is Mac and Soniya .Every story does has a villain and so is this story.Everything was fine but something happened which changed everything .What was that and how it all happened will be there in the subsequent parts.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


THIS WRITING IS NOT ABOUT DEFINING THE CULTURE OR WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF CULTURE IN INDIA,but today I got an opportunity to talk with one American guy.The great thing that I really likes about US is that they have a high commitment to each and everything they are up to.When you will meet an American,they will greet you every time. They are real team player.They do work and enjoy hard,but there is a strict line that is drawn between their personal and professional life that they never cross.In USA that most of the Indians will find it pretty strange is that suppose you are going on a common bus or lift or even pedestrian,they will be willing to help you anytime.But when it comes to their personal life ,they would not like to discuss it with others .In USA ,if you will ask a person about their family or their cast or creed ,it is considered a taboo.But in India,whenever we meet a new person,we always the other person for a handshake or at least initiate a conversation.In case even if we start to converse,we would think many a times that whether starting a conversation with at least the opposite sex will be fine ,as the overall thinking is so restricted in India.One more thing that I like about an American is them is that they are really passionate.
If I will compare the English society with the American society,then we will find so much of difference between the two.American is an open society i.e. they will not think much in making a statement or mark.But English society is not like that.In India ,we will find that over-commitment is a part of life,but it is not with either of the developed societies like American,English or Japanese.Another very distinguishable think about English society is that they are a very good planner for sure,but they are that well implementer to their plans.This is different from American society in the sense that Americans are highly unpredictable in their planning ,but they have the devotion and grit to work really hard to achieve their goal.They don't believe in past but they believe only on the present.It is normally seen in India ,that the past does plays an important part in deciding one's fate.Like a criminal can never be expected to be a social work or a scientist in India in any case.But Americans only believe in the outcome and the ultimate result.This thing even lacks in English society.I got to witness this thing when I got to know from one of my friend who was working on a British project.In their project,they have so much weight-age on documentation and testing rather than the actual work.They are highly skeptical about others commitment .This difference I found with the American project ,where they focus only on implementation part and they believe in our commitment and result ,rather than showing them the test cases every time we are doing some thing.
So in many ways ,I find Indian society to be strictly inheriting the English society rather than the American society.There are some negative aspects with Americans for sure,but this I am not going to discuss here the motive of my writing was to take the good elements with Americans which we Indian(at least me)usually lack in the day-to-day life ,be it on the personal or the professional front.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Yesterday,I was talking with one of my friend.During school days,she happens to be a bit taciturn(even I guess so).But yesterday,I got to know that she was selective in talking.So the question that came to my mind then was that whether "Thinking" has some affect on how we deal with others.But when I tried to analyse this phenomenon,I got to know that Thinking itself is a consequence of many factors.Like yesterday,I got to know that there is a difference between sophist ,civilised and urbane society.So does society is the only factor that has an influence on Thinking?Well I think that both intrinsic and extrinsic factors account for this.Also thinking of a person defines the outlook of the person.One more question that comes is whether thinking changes with time?In my opinion,thinking is a dynamic process that keeps on changing with time.
If I have some perception in my mind,then it is possible that this perception can even change in future.But ultimately,whatever I discussed about "Thinking" here is my thinking at this moment,so with time it is possible that this thinking may change in future by that logic:):)

Friday, February 25, 2011


Ek Bachpan Ka Zamana Tha
Khushiyo ka khazana tha.

Chahat chaand ko pane ki,
dil titli ka diwana tha.

Khabar na thi kuch subah ki,
na shaamo ka thikana tha.

Thak-haar k aana school se,
par khelne b jana tha.

Dadi ki kahani thi,
pariyo ka fasana tha.

Barish me kagaz ki kashti thi,
Har mausam suhana tha.

Har khel me sathi the,
Har rishta nibhana tha.

Gam ki juban na hoti thi,
na jakhmo ka paimana tha.

Rone ki wajah na thi,
na hasne ka bahana tha.

Ab nahi rhi wo zindgi...
Khushiyon ka khazana tha.....

(Actually not by me,but I liked it so much.So posting)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Ishaan

Ohh dear Ishaan!!
You are more sweet than the sweetest of all honeypie's.
You were sent from the God above,
to fill our heart with happiness
and touch our soul with your warmth and intense love.
When you dance on your little angel feets,
it's like a sweet cascade dancing on the beats.
When you smile with that cute face,
it's like the little beams of sunshine coming from the dark clouds.
I love to watch you grow day by day,
and it gives me a feeling of joy
that one day you will call me Mammoo throughout the day.:)

My Luv:-

My Luv is like a sweet sounding fluid,
that is sweetly played in tune.

She is like a soft blossom,
that touches the heart,mind and soul.

I think of her in my dreams,
i think of her at work.

I love you with a love that i seemed to lose,
in all my senses,i love you with the breath.

Nothing is complete in my life but you,
so come back in my life to rejoy my heart,mind and soul.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Khush Hoon!!!!!! (Dedicated to Ankur)

Zindagi hai choti, har pal mein khush hoon,
time mein khush hoon, inn haalat mein khush hoon,
google na sahi, tcs mein hi khush hoon,
aaj paneer nahi, daal mein hi khush hoon,

aaj gadi mein jane ka waqt nahi, 2 kadam chal ke hi khush hoon,
aaj koi naraaz hai mujhse, uske iss andaaz mein hi khush hoon,
jisko dekh nahi sakta, uski awwaz mein hi khush hoon,

Zindagi hai choti, har pal mein khush hoon......

India-Australia Riveting Encounter!!!!!!!!

Now the day has come for much awaited India-Australia encounter.Some are saying as this is just a practice match so there is no need to take this match seriously,but this match is pretty important as both the teams have to prove their superiority before the world cup campaign.This has to be a historic day in my life as I got tickets for the match.
Seeing the two sides,Australia look dangerous with 3 full time all-rounders and batting depth till 9th player.Bowling is also among the best in world.What Australia lacks is just the spin department on the slow tracks of India.Shane Watson is in his career best form.He reminds me of Lance Klusener of 1999 world cup.Ricky Ponting is returning in this match,so he would be giving his 100% for the match.This isthe last World Cup for both Ponting and Tendulkar,so this would be the vengeance match for India.Talking about the team strength of India,I guess that this team is the best world cup team of all time.Indian batting look dangerous with the likes of Sehwag,Gambhir,Tendulkar,Kohli,Dhoni,Pathan and Raina in the side.Yuvraj is out of form,but he will be best on his day.Bowling also looks good.So overall,this will be an excellent encounter.I am hoping at least 300 runs from both the sides in this match.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

23rd January

Today is a very special day in Indian history.One of the most prominent leader of all times "Subhash Chandra Bose" was born on 23rd Jan,1897.His contribution in independence is well known to all,but the saddest part is that he was not given enough justice and respect as he deserved.Still he will be always be remembered as the greatest leader in Indian history.

In between ,I got to see the Cat result announced on 12th January.Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to write the exam this year.But after getting the selection criterion of IIM's ,the thing that strikes my mind is the fact that none of the IIM's this year would have given a call below 99.5%ile with the best of profile.Even with a average profile like mine,I am pretty sure that even a 99.9%ile willn't guarantee me a call from existing 6 IIM's.The biggest satire here is that the great managers that IIM's seem to be producing every year are the one's who have been the toppers from their childhood,a great all-rounder ,who are the best among their peers.Then is it the quality of education that such great institute provides or the quality of students who does take admission after facing the most difficult of battle which is not only about 2hrs and 15 minutes,but actually the aggregate of whatever they have done in all.But in my opinion,the past should not be the factor that decides 1's fate.We have enough examples to prove it,but the education system in India with so much complication involved in the selection process hurts some times,but still life is all about it.
As one of my friend says that everything is pre-decided and our fate is already written ,we can just make it better by our deeds.So just chill.:0

Good night.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Enchanting And Uplifting, The Sound Of Solace

I read an article I found it very interesting and would like to share this.

The vibrating strains of Azaan always have an enchanting effect on me; they resonate in my mind, filling my soul as well as the atmosphere with their sound of solace. I don’t offer namaz (being too young for it). Yet, the prayer makes me feel like surrendering myself – submitting to the spirit of Islam that stands for peace and purity, humility and discipline.
The term ‘submission to God’ is a deep and divine term when it is followed in true spirit. We are not expected to visualise God but to worship Him and adore Him as a Protector.
I wake up everyday, my eyes opening to the serene sound of the Azaan, every word finding its way into my consciousness as the new day dawns with the promise of a new beginning. I don’t know Arabic, but the words and their impact are so evocative that it is easy to recognise and submit to the One Power that protects and guides us, and surrender and submission to the Almighty is but an expression of Divine trust.
The day goes on with nothing but a daily routine. My holidays are going on, but with the 10th boards ready to occupy my mind, i tend to frown a lot, worrying about the future. The evenings are meant for tuitions but the brighter side is that on my way i can hear the beautiful sound of the evening prayer.
The sounds of solace give me a feeling of protection and this prayer tells me that someone is out there to hear and know. It takes me to a different world, a world that may not be real in this day and age but is still alive and these prayers have kept it alive in a conventional kind of way.
Salat or Salawat is the name given to the formal prayer of Islam that serves as a formal method of remembering Allah. The prayer, one of the obligatory rites of the religion, is performed five times a day – at dawn (fajr), noon (dhuhr), in the afternoon (asr), at sunset (maghrib) and nightfall (ishaâ). Prayer is also cited as a means of restraining a believer from social wrongs and moral deviance.
These prayers are a medium and it helps us to remind ourselves of a God who looks over us. Whatever we do, we will receive compensation or otherwise in the here and now. Heaven and Hell are not places to which we are destined to go, but they are states of our own mind. Any religion, which can successfully help us overcome material influences, has to be scientific, and spiritualism is just that.
For me spiritualism is not a compulsion or a daily routine. It is a feeling i get when i smell a flower or look at the clouds. For me helping an animal is spiritual.
I remember the day when i helped a cow with a broken leg. It was hard to move her from the middle of the road but my father, determined, called the Sanjay Gandhi hospital and meanwhile we gave the cow water to drink. Seeing her being rescued from pain and the maddening summer heat i felt liberated as it brought me closer to the Almighty and His Creation. It was like offering a prayer and being rewarded, too. The happiness and joy i felt at that time was immense. That is spiritualism to me; that is my namaz.
The writer is a tenth class student in a Delhi school.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Unknown Territory....

Sometimes,I think what this life is all about.Why everyone is running and what is the ultimate thing which we want in our life.For some it is love,for some it is money,some say it is fame and for some peace is what they strive for in the life.
But what is that thing which I want from life?May be I am not aware of this myself.Is it an unknown territory for most of us.But before going to it,the thing that comes to my mind is whether it is the unknown territory for me as well?The difficult part in this territory is that everyone like to enter in this territory,but there are only a few who actually know what is that element which they are searching for in this territory.From the childhood,I entered in this territory many a times.The various forms have been cricket,love,bike,many i's and the list is long.The important thing here is that to be the master of this territory. Rather than searching and running towards many things,a better way is to wait and stay for some time.Relax and think over what we want from life and may be you can be the master of this unknown territory.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1st day in Bangalore!!!!

Finally I.L.P. got over and me through with it.Now it's the first day in Bangalore.Bangalore has so much to attract.From 1st look of the city,I was caught in the difficult traffic jam in the city.But there is something in this city which will entice you.Tomorrow,I have to report at the base branch.Me just hoping to get everything fine there.I heard of an excellent TCS office in Banglore.:) Got to for a ride now.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Final day in Coimbatore!!!!!!!

This is probably the last day of my stay in Coimbatore.
Last 70 days have been excellent,even much better than my college days.I was the first one to come in Coimbatore on 30th October and would be the last one leaving from Ilp TCS batch along with Gaurav.Gonna miss all the songs and great RJ's which we usually enjoy during the free time during ILP.The small encounter of Tripathi,choti si luv story of Sir Ji ,Yes mam of Champu,PJ's during the class,great songs of Shivam(Chacha),great time spent in Munnar and Coimbatore are those things which stay intact throughout my life. It was such an experience which we can n't forget .Thanks everyone for their love and support.Miss u all @Kaliappa hotel and C-15 batch.
Gonna miss u Paul,Champ,Shivam,Manu,Sir Ji,all JSSian's , BVPian's and DND's.All the best to all.