Sunday, January 23, 2011

23rd January

Today is a very special day in Indian history.One of the most prominent leader of all times "Subhash Chandra Bose" was born on 23rd Jan,1897.His contribution in independence is well known to all,but the saddest part is that he was not given enough justice and respect as he deserved.Still he will be always be remembered as the greatest leader in Indian history.

In between ,I got to see the Cat result announced on 12th January.Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to write the exam this year.But after getting the selection criterion of IIM's ,the thing that strikes my mind is the fact that none of the IIM's this year would have given a call below 99.5%ile with the best of profile.Even with a average profile like mine,I am pretty sure that even a 99.9%ile willn't guarantee me a call from existing 6 IIM's.The biggest satire here is that the great managers that IIM's seem to be producing every year are the one's who have been the toppers from their childhood,a great all-rounder ,who are the best among their peers.Then is it the quality of education that such great institute provides or the quality of students who does take admission after facing the most difficult of battle which is not only about 2hrs and 15 minutes,but actually the aggregate of whatever they have done in all.But in my opinion,the past should not be the factor that decides 1's fate.We have enough examples to prove it,but the education system in India with so much complication involved in the selection process hurts some times,but still life is all about it.
As one of my friend says that everything is pre-decided and our fate is already written ,we can just make it better by our deeds.So just chill.:0

Good night.

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