Saturday, January 15, 2011

Unknown Territory....

Sometimes,I think what this life is all about.Why everyone is running and what is the ultimate thing which we want in our life.For some it is love,for some it is money,some say it is fame and for some peace is what they strive for in the life.
But what is that thing which I want from life?May be I am not aware of this myself.Is it an unknown territory for most of us.But before going to it,the thing that comes to my mind is whether it is the unknown territory for me as well?The difficult part in this territory is that everyone like to enter in this territory,but there are only a few who actually know what is that element which they are searching for in this territory.From the childhood,I entered in this territory many a times.The various forms have been cricket,love,bike,many i's and the list is long.The important thing here is that to be the master of this territory. Rather than searching and running towards many things,a better way is to wait and stay for some time.Relax and think over what we want from life and may be you can be the master of this unknown territory.

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