Sunday, January 9, 2011

Final day in Coimbatore!!!!!!!

This is probably the last day of my stay in Coimbatore.
Last 70 days have been excellent,even much better than my college days.I was the first one to come in Coimbatore on 30th October and would be the last one leaving from Ilp TCS batch along with Gaurav.Gonna miss all the songs and great RJ's which we usually enjoy during the free time during ILP.The small encounter of Tripathi,choti si luv story of Sir Ji ,Yes mam of Champu,PJ's during the class,great songs of Shivam(Chacha),great time spent in Munnar and Coimbatore are those things which stay intact throughout my life. It was such an experience which we can n't forget .Thanks everyone for their love and support.Miss u all @Kaliappa hotel and C-15 batch.
Gonna miss u Paul,Champ,Shivam,Manu,Sir Ji,all JSSian's , BVPian's and DND's.All the best to all.


  1. I will never forget that training with unforgettable friends and those moment I have spent with someone special to me. Miss u all my dear friends........