Saturday, December 17, 2011


Sometimes we get a gut feeling,but we don't know what exactly does it means.
We try to speak out something,but don't get the words to express ourselves.
We do try to emulate someone,but it still doesn't work out.
We do witness some illusion,but cann't sort out what exactly they points out.
We do say something,but we means exactly the opposite.
It does happen that we say something,but then get confused why we said so,and confuse ourselves what exactly we meant by that.
It does happen that we need some backup at times,but it does feel bad when we don't get that at such crucial times.
Life is nothing but a game,showing up new players every now and then.It keeps on changing all the times.From the time we are born,we comes across new people,make new friends and witness new moments.
I still remember the first day when I went to school,and got a new bunch of classmates.We fought very badly for a small chocolate,and used to get angry when one gets the bigger bunch of share than the other.But it does felt great,when the other person exchange his share,and both agreed finally on sharing it equally.Similarly,the time when someone cheers up for you,getting happy for you and be there in your misery always motivates you to do well.
But it is actually ephemeral.Life keeps on changing with time and people do change with their changing priorities.But is it right?Why cann't we always remain the same?
Darwin's Theory of adapting with the change has always been significant.But this strange feeling of missing something has always been a nightmare from the very childhood.Actually I don't know,what does it actually means.But this feeling has been the same..........

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