Saturday, December 3, 2011

Revolution 2020

Just completed Revolution 2020.Heard some bad reviews about the novel earlier,but I actually liked this.The good thing about Chetan Bhagat is that his writings involves no fantasies and one can connect the writings to his life.Just getting a strange feeling after completing it.Life is really puzzling at times and we don't have answers to it every time.Every person has a good and a bad soul in himself.What matter's is which part is going to win and it will ultimately determine the fate.Is Gopal a bad person or the situations have made him the same?If Arti's stand in dilemma has been right?If Raghav can ever bring the revolution in a country having so many Shukla Ji's?These are some of the questions that will bother you through the novel.The end has been surprising but it could not have been better.Gopal has been the most influencing character but he never got his destiny.It's a story covering intellect,luck,fame,love,dream and destiny.At some places,the plots have lost their sheen, but Chetan Bhagat brought the story back in the plots as soon as you might get offended.So this one is a worth reading.


  1. I too felt the same. He has interconnected many vague topics like politics, philosophy, love, corruption together and ended it up beautifully.

  2. yha,the beauty lies in how you are binding bits and traces together and Chetan Bhagat specializes on the same.