Saturday, November 12, 2011

Luck,dream or destiny.

We met and it was a chance,
I saw her first hoping she would have looked me back.

I thought her to be shy and busy with her life,
but the first impression is not always right.

She was talking and I was listening,
I loved to listen and listen and listen,
I also started my chat with the kid at my back,
It was good,things seemed to have changed.

Then one fine day,I asked her for a tea,
she replied me back in assertion,
and it was great.

She was good,she was comely,
I was a good kid and it was sweet.
We loved to talk and enjoyed our walk,
Everything was good,things were fine.
It's always good, to have a friend,
who is there in your misery
and is always ready to help.

But luck has its own plan,
I had to move on.
But she was already a special person,
whom I respected a lot,
but never missed a chance to make her laugh.

From now on we regularly talked
and went for some casual walks.
This was really good,as we celebrated a lot.
I told her everything with my life,
she was my best friend,
whom I trust a lot.

She had some problems,everyone has his life,
I behaved a bit immature,but soon realized that I was wrong.

We again became very good friends,
and again luck had come to my side.
Had some real good moments in my life,
not sure whether it was some magical force that came back again my side.

Whenever I listen to some good music,
she is the first person who comes to my mind.
Don't know what is my destiny,
and what luck has put up for me.
But she has been the most lucky and charming person,
who actually came to my life.

So much help,so much advice,
So many good moments and so much fun.
Will never want to loose her,
even as a good friend.

Now after some time,when things are going pretty smooth,
looking at the luck,dream or destiny,
really puzzled what luck has put up in store for me,
and will I able to get my dream or destiny.

But one thing is for sure,
that I want her to be happy
and she also wants the same.
Just want to let the things to go,
the way they are going.

Is it a really big deal,
or will I always be a small kid,who don't want to grow up.

Hoping to be with her,as a good friend forever.
Just hoping that my luck also wants the same.


  1. बेधड़क दिल से निकली हुई आवाज़....

  2. nothing like that,it's fun to write like that;);)