Tuesday, November 1, 2011

City City Bang Bang....

These days,I am enjoying the wonderful weather of Bangalore.The best thing about Bangalore is that you just can n't speculate how the weather will change in next 10 minutes or so.The unpredictability makes it one of the better cities in India.Being an I.T. hub with all the MNC's and with such a wonderful ambiance,it will throb away your heart for sure.

I am just about to complete a year here.The reality is that every city has a different culture and a unique flavor.So comparing two cities is ideally not right.Talking about a few different cities,the city that comes to my mind is Varanasi,my alma mater.Once you enter in Varanasi,you will be getting a different feeling altogether.The wonderful farms,lotz of crowd and animals,but the best part being the food which you will not find in any place else.Be it the Kachori-Sabji,Jalebi,sweets,lunch or dinner; you will surely forget all the Starters and Main Course of the best of restaurants.The other things that I would like to mention is the Ghats and temples,which are truly the lifeline of Varanasi.You will actually realize the meaning of life if you will sit alone on any of the Ghats for just 10 minutes.The kind of satisfaction and peace that we get the ultimate rest to our soul.People are cooperative and full of blithe.You will actually get the real meaning of being unbothered here.The one thing that can bother you is the crowd,which is growing every day and the wonderful roads which are full of dust.Still the city has pretty to cheer about and with Varanasi being the oldest city and the cultural capital of India,there can not be any replacement of Varanasi.
Don't feel like writing more.So quitting this post in between.

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