Saturday, October 15, 2011


These days I really feel that there should be a device to read the mind. Not sure how will it work or be implemented,but there is an utter need for it.When we talk someone,we are never sure what they are thinking and what they are talking about.It will be really funny if we can read others mind without their knowing that we are reading things presently going through their mind.
Today got to know an incident from a friend that someone broke to their room and they did not touched any valuable stuffs but just touched the container having sweets through which I was expecting to get some.I never wanted the complete container but not sure whether the thief is so smart to take only the container and missing the rest of stuffs.Another case can be that actually some thieves would have come but they got nothing valuable but the sweets,so got away with the sweets only.My luck seems to be at it utter best with the incidents of crashing of my hard disk followed by my packet of sweets.God knows what goes in the mind of others.Whether they mean something seriously or they are joking.It can be the case they are telling something that is exactly opposite of what is going through their mind.Soon I will make my hands dirty to device it soon;).
This would probably be the most important invention to create a device having the ability to speculate the things presently going in the mind of a person. Just want to create one soon.


  1. The world will be very boring dear If u create a device like that, there will be no curiosity no fun...It will be something like knowing about the ur life will have no adventures...

  2. it will be interesting if you will be having this and the other person os not knowing the same.So you will get some extra adventure afterwards:):)