Monday, July 4, 2011

Delhi Belly!!!!!!

Writing this blog after a long period.So much has happened in between.
So many birthdays came and gone with some real nice treats.

Went to watch Delhi Belly with friends and it was probably the first time,that I wanted to laugh but wanted it to get over as soon as possible.Really had nothing to say after the movie.Was irritated a little bit so left after the movie without saying much.It was not a proper behavior but it does happens with each of us sometimes,so no issues as such.

Some great thing in the form of patent also happened in the office front.Hoping that it will get selected ultimately.Some nice demos and presentations were in the store backing up the presentation.So it will be good.Also some of the nice advice and wishes from some of the friends is actually working these days.So just want the things to be the way they are going.
Life is all about up's and down's and the earliest we realize it will be the best for us.

Last week saw the wonderful match that Federer lost.I actually felt bad when someone like him losses but that's the part of life and everyone faces some tough time in his/her life.So he will come back for sure.There are some guys whom I really admire.Federer and Sachin are the two who tops the list.Seems that this writing should be enough after the busy day that I had today.

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