Friday, July 22, 2011

It's complicated.

Another weekend came.The best part in working in an IT companies is that weekends come so soon here.At the time we start to burn-out,weekends come for our rescue.The most difficult days in the week are Monday and Tuesday.Monday is the worst insomniac of the five working days.Anyways things are going on smoothly at job front with some difficulty in the new opportunities for automation.But I am sure that I will come out of this in the best possible manner.

Today got a call from one of my friend.I don't know what went in his mind that he proposed his one of the best friend.What I can get of all this is that if a guy proposes a girl,it is like a do or die situation.If girl accepts then everything is good, but somehow if she rejects then it is worst for the boy.It is really difficult for the boy to cope up with this situation.But still I can not figure out,why did she refused the proposal.They are actually very good friends and my friend is the one who really cares for her.It actually reflects in the way we start to behave,when we are kind of committed for someone.

But now as she rejected,it is difficult for him to even call her.Actually this whole concept of a guy proposing a girl is flawed.Why only guys are expected to call,message or even propose a girl?If there is something in the mind of a girl,they should be expressive.Sometime they do talk,and sometime they are the most busy creature on this planet.Anyway girls are caring and value any relationship a lot and every time they have the final call in their hand and it should be with them.But still they should be a little bit more affirmative in their approach towards those who really trusts them:).

But as is the saying that it is really the biggest puzzle to speculate what is going on in the mind of a girl.Similarly with my friend things went wrong in misunderstanding his best friend.But I really wish that they should be together.

So as a good friend,it is my responsibility to be the next best friend and pacify him with a good movie and some class food,as the next best thing for any guy apart from their loved ones is the classic food for which we can forget anything.I have always believed that if we want something,we should really work for it in every situation.May be we are busy with our job,love,life or some other urgent work, our priorities should be there.But things becomes a little bit messed up when we are caught among so many things going simultaneously.One of my mentors told me that if we actually want something,we will surely get it.So better to strive for our ultimate love and passion together in the best way we can.But things with others are actually pulling us back.

It is complicated and we cann't help it:).