Saturday, July 30, 2011

Life Goes On!!!

We met, we laughed,
We walked,we talked,
We became kids,we did some stupid things
Life was going on smoothly,the way it should be going
I did some childish things and had some wonderful time.
All was going well,life was going on fine.
Then one fine day,I got something to cheer about
my friend also got something to cheer about,so it was fine.
Then things started to change
nobody was getting time,
still my friend was there and so was I.
Time started to pass-by,we had no time,
life is no longer a child's play,but still we had our time.
Some more time passed,life had to change
and one fine day I got my moment again,
expecting things to be smooth again,
but to my surprise,my friend was far away,
being delighted wanted to celebrate my moment again,
but something went wrong in between,
I always believed to speak out the things,but that also does not helped.
The only thing that I got of it is that, life goes on and on and on,
so better is to let it go, the way it does it's own way.

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