Sunday, August 14, 2011

Independence Day!!!!

65th Independence Day is just an hour away and the things going are actually haunting me.The way things are shaping is really bringing the shame about the Indian bureaucracy.Last year witnessed the biggest scams that can be thought of but no steps were taken against the criminals involved.This is giving a lesson to everyone that you keep on doing wrong and nothing will be done against you.This is not right but children are also learning the same lesson these days.
One good thing that happened in the previous days is the uprising unity among Indians against the underlying corruption in the system.It's good to see that people are getting aware of it and somehow everyone wants it to be root-caused and removed.What we can do on our end is to bring such posts on social media like blogs or facebook and to reject any kind of bribery or corruption from our end.Everyone should be the part of such an initiative as only small efforts will direct us towards a bigger result.
The main problem here is that we want system to be clean but we will our self never miss an opportunity to be involved in the corruption as it is the part of human nature. I am just hoping that things shape well again the way it should be and some strict actions should be taken against those involved in corruption and crime.

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