Wednesday, March 9, 2011


THIS WRITING IS NOT ABOUT DEFINING THE CULTURE OR WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF CULTURE IN INDIA,but today I got an opportunity to talk with one American guy.The great thing that I really likes about US is that they have a high commitment to each and everything they are up to.When you will meet an American,they will greet you every time. They are real team player.They do work and enjoy hard,but there is a strict line that is drawn between their personal and professional life that they never cross.In USA that most of the Indians will find it pretty strange is that suppose you are going on a common bus or lift or even pedestrian,they will be willing to help you anytime.But when it comes to their personal life ,they would not like to discuss it with others .In USA ,if you will ask a person about their family or their cast or creed ,it is considered a taboo.But in India,whenever we meet a new person,we always the other person for a handshake or at least initiate a conversation.In case even if we start to converse,we would think many a times that whether starting a conversation with at least the opposite sex will be fine ,as the overall thinking is so restricted in India.One more thing that I like about an American is them is that they are really passionate.
If I will compare the English society with the American society,then we will find so much of difference between the two.American is an open society i.e. they will not think much in making a statement or mark.But English society is not like that.In India ,we will find that over-commitment is a part of life,but it is not with either of the developed societies like American,English or Japanese.Another very distinguishable think about English society is that they are a very good planner for sure,but they are that well implementer to their plans.This is different from American society in the sense that Americans are highly unpredictable in their planning ,but they have the devotion and grit to work really hard to achieve their goal.They don't believe in past but they believe only on the present.It is normally seen in India ,that the past does plays an important part in deciding one's fate.Like a criminal can never be expected to be a social work or a scientist in India in any case.But Americans only believe in the outcome and the ultimate result.This thing even lacks in English society.I got to witness this thing when I got to know from one of my friend who was working on a British project.In their project,they have so much weight-age on documentation and testing rather than the actual work.They are highly skeptical about others commitment .This difference I found with the American project ,where they focus only on implementation part and they believe in our commitment and result ,rather than showing them the test cases every time we are doing some thing.
So in many ways ,I find Indian society to be strictly inheriting the English society rather than the American society.There are some negative aspects with Americans for sure,but this I am not going to discuss here the motive of my writing was to take the good elements with Americans which we Indian(at least me)usually lack in the day-to-day life ,be it on the personal or the professional front.

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