Saturday, May 7, 2011

Short Story-A Boy's Will!!!!(Part 1)

What does every boy wants to be in his life?Is it an engineer,a doctor,a teacher or even a police officer.I guess these are the only five things that a kid think that he would be when he gets older.
When a girl is young,she will also think of becoming an doctor,a teacher ,an astronaut or an actress.
But what will happen,if somehow a very beautiful girl got admitted in a top engineering college and she gets her branch as mechanicals.What if a geek guy falls in love with such a diva?
In this story our protagonists are Mayank whose nickname is Mac and Soniya .Every story does has a villain and so is this story.Everything was fine but something happened which changed everything .What was that and how it all happened will be there in the subsequent parts.

1 comment:

  1. you are right and this is the secret of life.
    What will happen in next few moments no one knows like someone proposes a girl to whom he loves very much, will she accept or reject.
    Waiting eagerly for subsequent parts......