Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bid Adieu!!!

Finally my last day at the organization came.I will really miss some of the best moments of my lifetime.It was a great learning experience and will help me throughout the lifetime.Also did some of the most funny things there and it reminds me of the naughty memories of school time when I was kid.Life always gives you something to cheer about and that's what I learnt from a good friend there.I will definitely miss Sametime chat and evening walk that was a part of last 1 month.Hoping the things will remain the same in my next tenure starting from Monday.The following poem is just the gratitude towards my organisation and sweet friends there.All the best to each of the friends working and I know they will excel in whatever endeavors they are possessing.

Here I sit

In a seat that’s reserved

To take me to nowhere

Looking out the window

At the ground that’s growing smaller under me

Tears turn dry on my skin

Trying to hide my eyes

As I wave goodbye

to my heart

That’s staying behind

Crying …hiding… Struggling with my smiling…

Could this be heartache

That I’m denying?

Saying goodbye to the one

That made me feel like me

That I’m wanted

There where I want to be.

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