Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today was the day when I was really puzzled.One HR session was going in which a very simple question was asked."When you close your eyes and someone asks you to think about the most beautiful thing whom you never want to loose,what do you see?"The simple condition was that you can not open your eyes for 1 minute.To my surprise,I got something which I really never anticipated.Actually I was having a very good time but one thing was intriguing for the past 2-3 days.I was really puzzled about this but later as the session progressed,my puzzle became np-problem that actually has no solution.The clarification that I got was that if something keeps you bothering to an unbearable extent,then the best resolution is to say good bye to it as soon as possible.The morale of the HR session was that we should try our part in order to get what we actually wants from the life.It doesn't matter whether we succeeded or not,but ultimately once we try,we would have the satisfaction in our heart that we tried our level best,whatever could be the end result.But things actually going in my mind were just the opposite.But one thing that is there is that mind is skeptical and it will never let the things to go the way you want it to be.
I remember a line from a famous Hollywood flick"If there is a toy which a child likes so much,but after some time it actually starts hurting the child by either getting inaccessible in some way or the other,then it is the best time to say good bye to that toy".
This is only increasing my confusion.:(

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