Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Got the much needed break. I was seeking it for quite some time.
Some friends asked me what has put my writing to such a halt.I was actually trying to write something from almost 3 months, but may be a little hectic schedule or certain mood swings were not allowing me to write.
Sitting alone in Golconda Fort, Hyderabad and no one to disturb me for at least two hours, this is like a real chance to get my way back to writings. I have all the time of world today:-)

Things are transforming fast and John Mayer's wonderful track "Stop this train" seems to be the need of hour.
This is a fact that life will change every other day and the onus lies on self rather than others how we want things to shape in your own life. I also planned a couple of things but can sense planning and execution has a couple of dependencies and need a lot of determination . I guess, now is the time to show some maturity rather than all the funny stuffs that seems to be the most essential elements these days. Regressing a certain things confuse me at times. But I guess, this is the way it goes.

The ideal start to this post should be to regress yet again on the fun part. Will be summarizing the events over the past two days or so. It has been a wonderful trip to Hyderabad. All the moments, be it the boat ride at Lumbini garden or the laser show at NTR garden, each stuffs had a moment in itself. A tour to Ramaji Film-City is an experience in itself and it's totally worth all the penny thar they charge as the entry fees there. All the shows, from movie making to stunt shows, the last ride to shooting locations: all are a real treat to watch.
Trying the most stupid Roller Coaster Ride of lifetime is a memory that will surely remain intact for a long time.

Coming from a pure North Indian Background, you might find this place a little different but something new. I also had a couple of perceptions about South India but now I am pretty sure that a couple of them are certainly wrong.
The journey has so far been real smooth, except an incident that is worth mentioning here. I went to attend a friend's marriage. To my utter surprise, I was the only person wearing a coat there. Everything was perfectly fine. All heights crossed the moment I asked for a spoon and to my surprise, a  guy asked me whether my origin is India or abroad. According to him,we in India are acquainted at eating with hands and I was the likely "alien" over there. 
I responded in a sarcastic manner and that guy could not help but laugh on his own comment. The point is, there are still certain changes that might take a little time to change.

Coming to the food part,Hyderabad is a real place for connoisseurs. It resembles Old Delhi in a couple of ways. A road trip ride to Chaar Minaar yesterday was a De-javu for a ride to Chandni Chowk.

This is such a memorable trip that will stay with me forever.

Completing Hyderabad trip within 3 days and attending a Telugu wedding was delight. They don't play songs, perform the "Nagin Dance" at band and DJ's like we do in North, still wedding in Hyderabad is a different experience in itself.

One more place,one more culture,one more ethnicity: we are correct when we boast about the unity in diversity.
Signing off for the day as my cell phone battery and my mind is going to hibernate soon in the hottest day at Hyderabad:-)

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Some times i wonder and I used to ask,
what is the purpose of my life and why am I here.
So many people around,with everyone running,
So many losers around,give me a feeling that I am lost.
It intrigues me so much that I feel confused.
I wonder whether life is a dream or a nightmare,
Discontent with my past,the unexpected way persons change with time,
Am I lost in my present and worrying about my future,

So I decided to run and run till my last breath.
Was it a compulsion or my choice to run,
flickering thoughts: money,desire,love,fame and passion,were chasing.
All senses came alive, in a miniature of second,
I need some air,such that I can breath,
I was deprived and alone in the utter peace.
Is it a goal or vicious circle that I am running,
but to my surprise, there were already many sprinters in the race,
competing each other in the nick of time'.

When we lay down defeated,feeling worthless and vulnerable,
even the brief touch of innocence acts as panacea.
My mind can feel the utter silence and I am getting answers to all my questions.
I realized that my journey has not yet started,
It will start when I will compete with no one else but myself.
I can feel the momentum and the pain,
Summit is coming and I have to run,
Suddenly my destination passed by,I did not realized whether it has actually happened,
I had no words to speak but can sense it happening.
A new race is waiting and i need to run again till my last breath.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Awesome Day!!!

Writing something on the blog after a period in excess of a month.

Many-a-things happened over the past month with majority of them being unexpected.
Everything has been great looking at the bigger picture though some things could have been a little better but we don't have the command on all that is going on.
Should not regress it further as I can not clarify things to a further extent.Still I think,why do we behave in a certain way at times.

One learning for me is that I should not take things for granted and better to have clarity rather than saying some unnecessary things.

Have some of the best memories over the past year or so.They are and will stay with me forever.There is no point of any bad feeling looking at how things shaped and that was the only reason I asked like that.
I said certain things that I should not have said but wanted some things to be discussed which made whole lot of  confusion.I am a little impatient and I know my weakness of revealing things when situation demands.
The moral of the story is better to say and clarify,and have a little patience when time requires.
Coming back to the main blog, yesterday had been an awesome day spent at the Capital Club Resort.
Anyways, life is about moving on and may be this will drive us towards the bigger quests of our respective lives.

I am optimistic as always and it has always worked for me in the right way.Many big things are coming,so this is crucial phase that taught me some lessons for lifetime.

The day started with a good bike ride and some distraction in between as took a wrong turn,but finally we managed to reach our destination on time.
Then a heavy breakfast,a cricket match full of cheating,3 wins at chess, a good lunch,swimming pool and then snacks. The day was so tied up.Only thing that was missing through the day was the "Bangalore Rains" and that we finally managed to get on the return. It rained like it rained never before.Was full drenched while returning.So it was an ideal windup for the day.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Move over doctor, maid is working!!!

Found this post in OPEN-PAGE(The Hindu).
It is too good:)

Sunday is a day I look forward to, like everyone else. Preparations for the weekend start from Saturday itself. I work half day and prefer not to give many appointments or post major surgeries for that day (thus reducing my weekend stress from any unexpected post-operative complication); enjoy a heavy lunch at home and a divine afternoon siesta (pesky calls and neighbours' dog permitting). The evening is spent in the company of friends or quietly at home watching a good movie (thanks to the liberal choice of movie channels). A couple of pegs of good scotch — even Scream 3 seems tolerable!
The next day I wake up late — the only day I am not woken up by the persistent clamour of the alarm. With difficulty, I open my eyes to the glare of sunlight streaming through the window — my better half has thoughtfully left the curtains wide open lest I waste too much of this lovely morning in bed. I loiter around the house with an unshaven chin, doing odd jobs (whether or not they require my expertise) and since I am in the mood, prepare French toast for my son for breakfast — the only culinary talent I possess and guaranteed to keep my wife out of the kitchen for the rest of the morning. The weekend is going on just fine.
Well… until the maid makes her entrance!
Suddenly, priorities change. The breadwinner of the family, who has been working hard throughout the week, doing delicate surgeries and saving people's lives, is no longer someone who has to be indulged — but a clumsy, jobless character who is just in the way of the super-efficient, hardcore professional who needs to finish this shift before moving on to the next one. I try my best to stay away from her area of furious activity — but am far too sluggish.
Hearing her dusting the bedroom upstairs, I put the computer on in the living room, hoping to check my mail. But no sooner the Windows logo disappears from the screen than she is down attacking a different window and my wife orders me up. I sulk and go to the television room, hoping to catch the morning headlines — but I am told curtly that I cannot watch TV. She has only finished the dusting upstairs and will be coming up again to do sweeping and mopping. I am asked to finish my bath, as it would be another 15 minutes before she reaches the bathroom. Under the circumstances, I decide, the bathroom would be the safest haven for me right then.
Just as I am revelling in a leisurely hot shower — for once without the weekday irritations from the early morning calls of highly strung anaesthetists (who always seem to find that precise moment to call to inform you that your patient is ready to be anaesthetised and say ‘could you hurry up please') — I hear a loud banging on my bathroom door. I turn off the shower, hurriedly wipe myself and with the towel wrapped around anxiously open the door; certain that it has to be either of the two domestic emergencies — the lizard that I scared off last week is back in the kitchen or my mother is on the phone. It turns out to be neither. I see my consort's face, flushed from rushing up the stairs,
“Maid no. 2 has come early today and she wants the washing clothes. She is in a hurry as she has to go to the Sunday market.”
After a detailed analysis of the habits and behavioural patterns of maids in our locality, my shrewd spouse arrived at the profound conclusion that the most cost-effective method of retaining maids is by distributing jobs. This way she would not be at the whims and fancies of any one of them and even when one went on leave or quit, the others could chip in and thus maintain domestic harmony. I could never remember their names — for by the time I managed to, someone else had already taken her place. My enterprising wife had discovered a novel way for me to identify them — they were referred to by the jobs they did.
After ensuring that Maid no. 2 is not denied the pleasures of her Sunday shopping, I debate whether to continue my shower or not. I decide against it as Maid no. 1 is now almost ready to start with the bathroom — and she would do her job irrespective of whether I was under the shower or not.
Half an hour later, my wife is up again. There is a concerned look on her face.
“No. 3 has stomach pain since last night and says she cannot work today. Can you give her some medicines? And do not give her what you gave last time. She said that it did not work and made her worse.”
I frown. I could not remember their names — how, heavens above, was I expected to remember what medicine I gave her three months ago? I rummage through our medicine chest, pretending to peer wisely at the names on the packing and hand over some anti-spasmodic.
“This is the latest and will definitely work.”
“One more thing; No. 1 has already left or else I would have asked her to do the dishes. Naturally, I cannot cook today — you will have to eat yesterday's leftovers. Unless you prefer to take us out for lunch.”
“Leftovers are fine.” I sigh.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Music or Life

Today I am listening to some of the best of the Tracks back-to-back from last 5 hrs.The range is from Bryan Adams,Backstreet Boys,Avril,John Mayer,James Blunt to classic Bollywood tracks.

There are some tracks which are simply irresistible.

The first one is "Kaise Mujhe" from Ghajini.
It is a scintillating track which may make you tremble if you are fully absorbed in the track.There is something special in this track.The combination of melody,lyrics and awesome music will absorb you in every bits and pieces.

Similarly "Na Jane Kabse" by Jal. When played on acoustic guitar,the effect it produces is difficult to explain in itself. These resonance interactions attenuate or amplify the sound at different frequencies, boosting or damping various harmonic tones and they will act as a pacifier in your busy and overburdened lives.

I might be wrong if I am not mentioning "1973" by James Blunt.
I am not sure what exactly is in this track but this is the best of all. 

There is something in music that can change your mood.At least for me it holds true that my mood does change drastically with the quality of song I am listening to.

The special thing about music is that their is not a single pure form of music.Every form has something dedicated for someone.It depends on the extent to which you are perceiving the depth of the same.Thus I will not be wrong to say that every song is dedicated to a particular theme and in case it is fulfilling this criterion,it is the purest form of music to me.

Last few days have been full of happenings.
The beginning of a new season "2012",completion of 1 year at Dell R&D,switching to pure automated mode,getting a brand new Black FZ,the timely and apt advice from bacha,some deep thought on future and the utter unpredictability of the events happening in the life are all making the life like a song full of lower and upper beats.The logical thinking has been the key that is working most of the time,still things have changed in the most unplanned and unpredictable way from MAY 2011 to MAY 2012.

I guess that I am getting a little deviated from music to something else that is as pure as music called "Life".
The truth here is that life is as pure as music.
We should better remove all the unnecessary complications and keep it as simple as possible.
Some kind of mess is part of everyone's life but what matters here is how we are going to sort it out!

I guess I am sounding a little confused as always,so better to wind up this piece soon.
The best way to wind up this piece of writing seems to be listening to the track "Stop This Train" by John Mayer.

If you have not heard this track,please listen to it.
You will definitely get my point;)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Changing Time!!!!!!

How things change,
Isn't is possible to track that??
It is not a big deal,
still looking a child grow,
tells it all,
how fast is time moving....

Still remember when we were kid,

the world was a very big place.
The way we used to go to the school,
was a new world for us.

Still remember the small shops and stalls in between,
they used to be big destinations,
and buying those tiny orange toffees was utter fun.
Got a chance to go back to those places again,
everything has changed over the time.
Those cute tiny stalls are replaced by big malls now.

Is it that we are growing older every day,

or the world is getting shrink er by every passing day??

Still remember the kids play,those bicycle races,

those police-police and hide-nd-seek.
Now looking the way kids are getting addicted to TV and lappy,
I feel pity on the way we are growing and advancing every second day.

Still remember the long chats and fight

and the long cry after being hit by an elder girl.
It makes me laugh to my heart.

How good was the friendship then,
it meant a lot those days.
Not like today,when we used to say a "Hi" over fb chat or sms,
and still it makes our day.

Really blessed to have some real kiddo friends today,

who still talk with their heart, 
even in this changing world.

Still the way we are advancing,

really makes me think deep,
that time is changing very fast...................

Friday, March 30, 2012

Heart,Mind and Soul!!!

Finally writing the 1st blog at my home:)
Never thought that I will be writing like this about a year before.It is always a good feeling to write something.The best part here is that we can track the way things are shaping up for us;)

Coming back to home has always been great,but coming after a span of more than a year is a pure de-javu.

So much has happened over the past one year but this period has been a real delight with some failures and obstacles but the overall feeling has been "jolly" with some of the finest moments coming in small packages.Writing it all in this post may deviate me from writing the essence of this post,so I am back to the topic "Heart,Mind and Soul".

After almost a year,I got an opportunity to visit the great Varanasi Ghats.
I was thinking what is there so special about these Ghats or the holy river Ganges.
But once you are at the Ghats,you will soon realize a transformation in your heart,mind and soul.

According to the Hindu Mythology,these ghats are regarded as the place to liberate soul from human body to ultimate.It can somewhat complement the concept of divinity and they are believed to absolve one from all sins.I guess this is the reason why they attract so many fickle minds like mine,towards them.

So finally I reached there today.The time was almost 7 in evening.It was already dark and   a mild feminine breeze was blowing at the background and it was time for the famous Ganga Aarti at the foreground.The chorus sound of Aarti was ruminating and soon it will take you into a different world.Your waves may match with the waves of your soul and "Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle" can be practically proved at this instant;)

In my opinion,the best way to enjoy this Aarti is to go to some Ghats a little away from all the crowd where you can get the peace of mind and mild Aarti can be heard.This can be the best place to enjoy the mild breeze at the bank of holy Ganges.This is a little ethereal experience,which is difficult to explain in itself:)

After spending some time,you may forget the very existence of your body and the existence of two separate entities as "mind" and "soul" will be realized soon.Sometime I do think,what is the ultimate aim of our life.Frankly speaking,after spending  sometime at Ghat's may act as an elixir for a person in doubt.

You may not get answers to your doubts but at least you will get a good feeling that may be temporal but it will appease your mind:)

So plan your next outing on a lovely evening at the Varanasi Ghats ,with someone whom you trust and get some divine help in the state of your confusion.
I know that again I am sounding hopelessly optimistic on the Varanasi Ghats,which are loosing their sheen everyday but the key point here is that,being optimistic has its own hang-over that is difficult to replicate by other means:):)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Need I say more??

I am itching to write for quite sometime now and I opened my blog some 2 hours back to push myself into writing something. Got a chance to open some of my old posts and it is a pure De-Javu feeling while going through the posts. It felt like re-living the emotions and memories behind each post, felt like going a documentation of some of the best moments of my life.The central feeling behind each one of these posts is that most of them were written while going through some sort of emotional experiences.

Needless to say, I know that I use to write whatever comes to my mind but still writing gives me such a pleasure,which is difficult to write in itself.
Today is one of the days I want to freeze the memory of the entire life.
Out of lack of motivation and low attention span,I was skipping this post for quite some time. Today was not a great day for me,so I may be writing without the feeling which I try to put in my posts most of the times.

Overall the way things are progressing over the past few days seems great. Wants some answers at this stage but not getting answers to either one of them.I told my priorities,but still my luck has not replied me back.So finding myself in a strange state that is difficult to explain.

One question that keeps on hitting me is whether I expect a lot.Is it that we should let things to go the way they are going or we should try to get the best of the same rather than being circumlocutory with the life. I always tried to be clearly spoken, but guessing that expecting the same doesn't seems to be right this time.

I want to see a dream tonight.It's been a long time when I woke up seeing a dream.So want a dream earnestly tonight. 
One that takes me out of this state of inactivity. One that proves to me that my life is not inanimate. One where I don't have to spend days staring at the Facebook wall on the junk laptop. One where I don't have to think of what to do. I don't want to feel so devoid of color and music like I do these days. I don't want this to become a permanent feature in my life.
Today  I want to write about every little good things about me and tell people how pretty they are.I want to get rid of the cynicism surrounding the space and want to see the future arrive.

I am exactly not sure whether I am happy or sad tonight and what am I writing now.So better is to have a sound sleep.
Being a dreamer has worked for me and waking up after a good dream gives me such a big relief.We don't have a switch or control on a dream but dreams have always motivated me to do well. 

Now really feeling sleeping so wrapping it up on the note that I really need to see a good dream tonight.................................

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Messed up!!!!!

Things were going fine,
had some doubts,
but was unfazed
and life was smooth,
even some hiccups were not a big deal.

But no one knows,
what luck has in store for me.
Everyday comes up with a new surprise,
and how I responds to this,
is a mystery in itself.
Is n't it possible for someone to fix it up,
or life will remain as messed up as always??????

It all started with Chetan Bhagat,who has been my role model at times.But "My State" today seems to be good case study for the next novel to be published by Mr. Bhagat.I know that it is wrong to blame a person and that too your role model for your own foolishness.But I being a normal human being can do it for the sake of peace and composure,even for a glimpse,but it gives some relief for sure.

Is it that responding as a naive is such a big deal?
Today weekend started on the usual note,with nothing special as such.But things changed much faster as expected as the day progressed.

Got chance to know some real weaknesses in myself and discovered some real one's that I should fix soon.
Should not write them here but have improved a bit on this behalf but still need to work on it.Really thankful to some real good friends to identify these weakness.
The problem which I witnessed today is the inability to hide my feelings.The problem with being original is that there is a difference in perception of two different persons.I may want to convey something else,but framing it in the wrong way can be a setback for the other person and he may even get hurt.
Being original at times has worked out for me but learnt now that being practical is a better approach that being original.

Good that I got my weakness but the way that I got was the most contradictory way for sure.
We are lucky if we know our weakness but if someone else identified it for you and you are still not working on it,then it will be the biggest mistake ever committed by you.

The gist of all this writing is that I am not perfect and am as stupid as any other person can be at times.
Don't have much words to express my feeling at this juncture.
At times,being optimistic has worked out for me.So hoping that it works out yet again.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Left or Right????

Yesterday read an article classifying a person on the basis of the dominating part of brain.

The first category belongs to a person having the left part of brain as the dominating.He loves to be a logical decision maker.This group includes scientists,researcher and scholars.

The other group includes those with the right hemisphere dominating.They include the artists,dreamers,philosophers and the musicians.But the right part holds the key to creativity in a person.They may seem dumber in the first look but looking at the bigger picture,these are the one's, who have been the key to future.Actually the first group loves to be the critic while the other like the privilege to be critic-ed.

So thinking the base definition and all,which part of my brain seems to be dominating.I may be "left hemisphered" but the right hemisphere seems more enticing.
So if left is right for me or vice versa. Now it seems to be out of my hand so ending this on a confusing note.Need to regress it once again but it looks like a Herculean task to me.

Ending this on a good note which will definitely bring a little smile after this nasty post:
Dear Optimist,Pessimist and Realist, While you guys were busy arguing for the glass of water,I drank it!!!!!! Your Own, Opportunist

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Not sure,how things are shaping up and what exactly we want from life!!!!
But this picture evokes me to be alone,quite alone for some time.There are couple of things which always keeps you confusing and there is not a single answer for the same.
This is a perfect picture if we will get into the depth of it.Two types of feeling are shading in my mind.

The first being your friend walking your side and share this awesome moment with you.There is an utter silence and the pleasant breeze can be heard and felt.
The second view where the nature overwhelms you.You are grateful to every bits and pieces provided and life can not have being much better.You are grateful to every pleasure and goodness you've felt and seen.

The need to be alone when this warm tingling invokes you is an experience in itself and it is quite difficult to express in words.What is noteworthy here is the horizon which looks cold and misty ,and the environment being insomniac.The blurred grass is a beauty in itself and it certainly is one of the best photo being shot till date:)

I guess this post is getting a bit nasty and I am feeling to be sounding hopelessly optimistic,but being a nature lover has its side-effects and hangover;)

Monday, January 30, 2012


Author: Sindhu Murthy

One fine day morning I woke up
As usual looked into the calendar
The Month and Day seemed familiar
I thought for a while…

Oh, it was my Birthday!!

Not sure why the thought of my Birthday
Brought a very special feeling in my heart
I remembered my childhood days when
I eagerly waited for this day all through the year!!

But this birthday I seemed a little confused
I did not know whether to feel
Happy for being a part of the living beings in this world
Or Sad for its recurrence that I am getting older
Or Worry about what I achieved being here all these years!!

The worry seemed appropriate, logical & realistic
I prepared myself to think & find an answer
Soon I realized, I am no great person
I did not sacrifice my life for others’ well-being
I achieved nothing!!

This made me feel very sad
My mind questioned the reason of my existence
In this disheartened state, I pushed
Myself to complete a boring task!!

Soon my cell-phone beeped and rang
My mailbox alerted me
Of my birthday wishes coming in!!

My loved-ones, friends, well-wishers
All wanted to wish me a Happy Day &
Bring gladness in my heart!!

I got busy returning them a Thank You note
With a big Smile on my face
Their care and selfless thought to make me
Feel special widened my SMILE!!

I wished I could send them
My big smiley face in response
To show how contented I was
For this is wanted they wanted to see!!

Being tied at the courtesy of Words
I was left with no option but to send
A few thanks-filled messages!!

Oh, dear people
A word of Thank You is all
I can say and send for now
But I do feel a lot more!!

I find no better way
To convey my
Gratitude to all of you!!

I am old for a Birthday gift
I am older for a Birthday cake
But still I got both & felt great
The word Thank You does not suffice!!

Late in the day, I wondered about
The worry I had in my mind
To my astonishment, I had forgotten it
In the happiness of celebrating my Birthday!!

I concluded my day with these thoughts
Already being in this world for so long
I know a very few people who made me
Forget the question of my existence!!

They all made me feel that
I am significant to them
What would I do without them?
The thought seemed scary!!

Now should I still dig into my worry
To find an answer??

Or should I bring in smile on their face
When I get an opportunity??
I decided not to miss a single occasion
To make them feel the same!!
I know you won’t too

Always remember to Wish, Greet
And let others know
What they are to you
They are very precious!!


Great job Sindhu:):)
Keep writing.Need to start the newsletter soon.Will put it there........

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Another season came and just getting the feeling that it will pass soon.We are towards the end of Jan.So it's high time for many of us.I also expected some,but things does not seems to be working out for me these days.Blessed to get some nice advice but still hazy on what to do next.Last 10-12 days were full of action with the newsletter and the new options coming and going,what is important now is to set up the expectation and priorities accordingly.

I have always been a firm believer to speak out the things clearly and take actions accordingly.But this time when I have to decide on a couple of things,me actually unsure of taking that major step.Need to fix it out soon as there is no point in swaying back and forth.Now it's kind of high time for sure.The way India is performing with Aussie's is actually letting everyone down but they(Indian team) themselves are looking clueless on how to tackle Aussie's.

Such things does happen with each one of us at some stage but we need to come out of it.Got a very good advice from a friend of mine.It's actually a sort of test of 15 minutes but it seems to be a panacea for messed up and confused materials like me.What we have to do is just to close the eyes and think of some of the best moments of life followed by thinking about those people who actually brought about some major changes in our life.Then we need to think what will are the major priorities for short term and long term.Ultimately the next decision that we are going to make will fulfill the major expectation set by ourselves.Please don't mix it with Gandhiji's Talisman,as this will take to a next stage:)
Basically there are three major questions-what,why and how:but if we start regressing them,it may take more than an hour or so.
This concept may sound a bit confusing,but regressing all this in utter silence will definitely help.We will get names of some key persons in our life whom we never want to loose and some big ambitions waiting yet to be discovered.
I guess that I regressed beyond the expectation,so sounding a bit puzzling now.
So wrapping it all this soon:):)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ant and Bee!!!!!

There was an ant and a bee.
Ant loved to walk,bee loved to fly.
One fine day,they met on a tree.
Ant saw d bee enjoying its fly.
Both met an accident at d trunk of tree.
Can an ant fell in luv with a bee?
Bee stared d ant lifting a chocopie.
She did liked d actions made by d ant.
In this world of technology when everyone is high-tech,
so both started to text a lot and loved their talk.
Then one fine day,it rained a lot.
Ant had to hide else it would have died.
Bee had a shade but it was also not safe.
Ant had to leave d trunk and bee had to fly.
Why does it alwayz happens,that bee alwayz flies.
Couldn't it stop d ant from leaving the trunk.
Rain is not such a big deal,
that both have to leave.
But this time ant made sure that he will hold d trunk
and bee will not fly.
Guess what in no time,
spring had come,
so no need of leaving d trunk:-):-)