Friday, March 30, 2012

Heart,Mind and Soul!!!

Finally writing the 1st blog at my home:)
Never thought that I will be writing like this about a year before.It is always a good feeling to write something.The best part here is that we can track the way things are shaping up for us;)

Coming back to home has always been great,but coming after a span of more than a year is a pure de-javu.

So much has happened over the past one year but this period has been a real delight with some failures and obstacles but the overall feeling has been "jolly" with some of the finest moments coming in small packages.Writing it all in this post may deviate me from writing the essence of this post,so I am back to the topic "Heart,Mind and Soul".

After almost a year,I got an opportunity to visit the great Varanasi Ghats.
I was thinking what is there so special about these Ghats or the holy river Ganges.
But once you are at the Ghats,you will soon realize a transformation in your heart,mind and soul.

According to the Hindu Mythology,these ghats are regarded as the place to liberate soul from human body to ultimate.It can somewhat complement the concept of divinity and they are believed to absolve one from all sins.I guess this is the reason why they attract so many fickle minds like mine,towards them.

So finally I reached there today.The time was almost 7 in evening.It was already dark and   a mild feminine breeze was blowing at the background and it was time for the famous Ganga Aarti at the foreground.The chorus sound of Aarti was ruminating and soon it will take you into a different world.Your waves may match with the waves of your soul and "Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle" can be practically proved at this instant;)

In my opinion,the best way to enjoy this Aarti is to go to some Ghats a little away from all the crowd where you can get the peace of mind and mild Aarti can be heard.This can be the best place to enjoy the mild breeze at the bank of holy Ganges.This is a little ethereal experience,which is difficult to explain in itself:)

After spending some time,you may forget the very existence of your body and the existence of two separate entities as "mind" and "soul" will be realized soon.Sometime I do think,what is the ultimate aim of our life.Frankly speaking,after spending  sometime at Ghat's may act as an elixir for a person in doubt.

You may not get answers to your doubts but at least you will get a good feeling that may be temporal but it will appease your mind:)

So plan your next outing on a lovely evening at the Varanasi Ghats ,with someone whom you trust and get some divine help in the state of your confusion.
I know that again I am sounding hopelessly optimistic on the Varanasi Ghats,which are loosing their sheen everyday but the key point here is that,being optimistic has its own hang-over that is difficult to replicate by other means:):)

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