Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Need I say more??

I am itching to write for quite sometime now and I opened my blog some 2 hours back to push myself into writing something. Got a chance to open some of my old posts and it is a pure De-Javu feeling while going through the posts. It felt like re-living the emotions and memories behind each post, felt like going a documentation of some of the best moments of my life.The central feeling behind each one of these posts is that most of them were written while going through some sort of emotional experiences.

Needless to say, I know that I use to write whatever comes to my mind but still writing gives me such a pleasure,which is difficult to write in itself.
Today is one of the days I want to freeze the memory of the entire life.
Out of lack of motivation and low attention span,I was skipping this post for quite some time. Today was not a great day for me,so I may be writing without the feeling which I try to put in my posts most of the times.

Overall the way things are progressing over the past few days seems great. Wants some answers at this stage but not getting answers to either one of them.I told my priorities,but still my luck has not replied me back.So finding myself in a strange state that is difficult to explain.

One question that keeps on hitting me is whether I expect a lot.Is it that we should let things to go the way they are going or we should try to get the best of the same rather than being circumlocutory with the life. I always tried to be clearly spoken, but guessing that expecting the same doesn't seems to be right this time.

I want to see a dream tonight.It's been a long time when I woke up seeing a dream.So want a dream earnestly tonight. 
One that takes me out of this state of inactivity. One that proves to me that my life is not inanimate. One where I don't have to spend days staring at the Facebook wall on the junk laptop. One where I don't have to think of what to do. I don't want to feel so devoid of color and music like I do these days. I don't want this to become a permanent feature in my life.
Today  I want to write about every little good things about me and tell people how pretty they are.I want to get rid of the cynicism surrounding the space and want to see the future arrive.

I am exactly not sure whether I am happy or sad tonight and what am I writing now.So better is to have a sound sleep.
Being a dreamer has worked for me and waking up after a good dream gives me such a big relief.We don't have a switch or control on a dream but dreams have always motivated me to do well. 

Now really feeling sleeping so wrapping it up on the note that I really need to see a good dream tonight.................................

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