Monday, February 13, 2012

Left or Right????

Yesterday read an article classifying a person on the basis of the dominating part of brain.

The first category belongs to a person having the left part of brain as the dominating.He loves to be a logical decision maker.This group includes scientists,researcher and scholars.

The other group includes those with the right hemisphere dominating.They include the artists,dreamers,philosophers and the musicians.But the right part holds the key to creativity in a person.They may seem dumber in the first look but looking at the bigger picture,these are the one's, who have been the key to future.Actually the first group loves to be the critic while the other like the privilege to be critic-ed.

So thinking the base definition and all,which part of my brain seems to be dominating.I may be "left hemisphered" but the right hemisphere seems more enticing.
So if left is right for me or vice versa. Now it seems to be out of my hand so ending this on a confusing note.Need to regress it once again but it looks like a Herculean task to me.

Ending this on a good note which will definitely bring a little smile after this nasty post:
Dear Optimist,Pessimist and Realist, While you guys were busy arguing for the glass of water,I drank it!!!!!! Your Own, Opportunist

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