Saturday, February 18, 2012

Messed up!!!!!

Things were going fine,
had some doubts,
but was unfazed
and life was smooth,
even some hiccups were not a big deal.

But no one knows,
what luck has in store for me.
Everyday comes up with a new surprise,
and how I responds to this,
is a mystery in itself.
Is n't it possible for someone to fix it up,
or life will remain as messed up as always??????

It all started with Chetan Bhagat,who has been my role model at times.But "My State" today seems to be good case study for the next novel to be published by Mr. Bhagat.I know that it is wrong to blame a person and that too your role model for your own foolishness.But I being a normal human being can do it for the sake of peace and composure,even for a glimpse,but it gives some relief for sure.

Is it that responding as a naive is such a big deal?
Today weekend started on the usual note,with nothing special as such.But things changed much faster as expected as the day progressed.

Got chance to know some real weaknesses in myself and discovered some real one's that I should fix soon.
Should not write them here but have improved a bit on this behalf but still need to work on it.Really thankful to some real good friends to identify these weakness.
The problem which I witnessed today is the inability to hide my feelings.The problem with being original is that there is a difference in perception of two different persons.I may want to convey something else,but framing it in the wrong way can be a setback for the other person and he may even get hurt.
Being original at times has worked out for me but learnt now that being practical is a better approach that being original.

Good that I got my weakness but the way that I got was the most contradictory way for sure.
We are lucky if we know our weakness but if someone else identified it for you and you are still not working on it,then it will be the biggest mistake ever committed by you.

The gist of all this writing is that I am not perfect and am as stupid as any other person can be at times.
Don't have much words to express my feeling at this juncture.
At times,being optimistic has worked out for me.So hoping that it works out yet again.

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