Thursday, April 19, 2012

Changing Time!!!!!!

How things change,
Isn't is possible to track that??
It is not a big deal,
still looking a child grow,
tells it all,
how fast is time moving....

Still remember when we were kid,

the world was a very big place.
The way we used to go to the school,
was a new world for us.

Still remember the small shops and stalls in between,
they used to be big destinations,
and buying those tiny orange toffees was utter fun.
Got a chance to go back to those places again,
everything has changed over the time.
Those cute tiny stalls are replaced by big malls now.

Is it that we are growing older every day,

or the world is getting shrink er by every passing day??

Still remember the kids play,those bicycle races,

those police-police and hide-nd-seek.
Now looking the way kids are getting addicted to TV and lappy,
I feel pity on the way we are growing and advancing every second day.

Still remember the long chats and fight

and the long cry after being hit by an elder girl.
It makes me laugh to my heart.

How good was the friendship then,
it meant a lot those days.
Not like today,when we used to say a "Hi" over fb chat or sms,
and still it makes our day.

Really blessed to have some real kiddo friends today,

who still talk with their heart, 
even in this changing world.

Still the way we are advancing,

really makes me think deep,
that time is changing very fast...................

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