Sunday, May 27, 2012

Music or Life

Today I am listening to some of the best of the Tracks back-to-back from last 5 hrs.The range is from Bryan Adams,Backstreet Boys,Avril,John Mayer,James Blunt to classic Bollywood tracks.

There are some tracks which are simply irresistible.

The first one is "Kaise Mujhe" from Ghajini.
It is a scintillating track which may make you tremble if you are fully absorbed in the track.There is something special in this track.The combination of melody,lyrics and awesome music will absorb you in every bits and pieces.

Similarly "Na Jane Kabse" by Jal. When played on acoustic guitar,the effect it produces is difficult to explain in itself. These resonance interactions attenuate or amplify the sound at different frequencies, boosting or damping various harmonic tones and they will act as a pacifier in your busy and overburdened lives.

I might be wrong if I am not mentioning "1973" by James Blunt.
I am not sure what exactly is in this track but this is the best of all. 

There is something in music that can change your mood.At least for me it holds true that my mood does change drastically with the quality of song I am listening to.

The special thing about music is that their is not a single pure form of music.Every form has something dedicated for someone.It depends on the extent to which you are perceiving the depth of the same.Thus I will not be wrong to say that every song is dedicated to a particular theme and in case it is fulfilling this criterion,it is the purest form of music to me.

Last few days have been full of happenings.
The beginning of a new season "2012",completion of 1 year at Dell R&D,switching to pure automated mode,getting a brand new Black FZ,the timely and apt advice from bacha,some deep thought on future and the utter unpredictability of the events happening in the life are all making the life like a song full of lower and upper beats.The logical thinking has been the key that is working most of the time,still things have changed in the most unplanned and unpredictable way from MAY 2011 to MAY 2012.

I guess that I am getting a little deviated from music to something else that is as pure as music called "Life".
The truth here is that life is as pure as music.
We should better remove all the unnecessary complications and keep it as simple as possible.
Some kind of mess is part of everyone's life but what matters here is how we are going to sort it out!

I guess I am sounding a little confused as always,so better to wind up this piece soon.
The best way to wind up this piece of writing seems to be listening to the track "Stop This Train" by John Mayer.

If you have not heard this track,please listen to it.
You will definitely get my point;)

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