Monday, January 30, 2012


Author: Sindhu Murthy

One fine day morning I woke up
As usual looked into the calendar
The Month and Day seemed familiar
I thought for a while…

Oh, it was my Birthday!!

Not sure why the thought of my Birthday
Brought a very special feeling in my heart
I remembered my childhood days when
I eagerly waited for this day all through the year!!

But this birthday I seemed a little confused
I did not know whether to feel
Happy for being a part of the living beings in this world
Or Sad for its recurrence that I am getting older
Or Worry about what I achieved being here all these years!!

The worry seemed appropriate, logical & realistic
I prepared myself to think & find an answer
Soon I realized, I am no great person
I did not sacrifice my life for others’ well-being
I achieved nothing!!

This made me feel very sad
My mind questioned the reason of my existence
In this disheartened state, I pushed
Myself to complete a boring task!!

Soon my cell-phone beeped and rang
My mailbox alerted me
Of my birthday wishes coming in!!

My loved-ones, friends, well-wishers
All wanted to wish me a Happy Day &
Bring gladness in my heart!!

I got busy returning them a Thank You note
With a big Smile on my face
Their care and selfless thought to make me
Feel special widened my SMILE!!

I wished I could send them
My big smiley face in response
To show how contented I was
For this is wanted they wanted to see!!

Being tied at the courtesy of Words
I was left with no option but to send
A few thanks-filled messages!!

Oh, dear people
A word of Thank You is all
I can say and send for now
But I do feel a lot more!!

I find no better way
To convey my
Gratitude to all of you!!

I am old for a Birthday gift
I am older for a Birthday cake
But still I got both & felt great
The word Thank You does not suffice!!

Late in the day, I wondered about
The worry I had in my mind
To my astonishment, I had forgotten it
In the happiness of celebrating my Birthday!!

I concluded my day with these thoughts
Already being in this world for so long
I know a very few people who made me
Forget the question of my existence!!

They all made me feel that
I am significant to them
What would I do without them?
The thought seemed scary!!

Now should I still dig into my worry
To find an answer??

Or should I bring in smile on their face
When I get an opportunity??
I decided not to miss a single occasion
To make them feel the same!!
I know you won’t too

Always remember to Wish, Greet
And let others know
What they are to you
They are very precious!!


Great job Sindhu:):)
Keep writing.Need to start the newsletter soon.Will put it there........

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