Friday, January 13, 2012

Ant and Bee!!!!!

There was an ant and a bee.
Ant loved to walk,bee loved to fly.
One fine day,they met on a tree.
Ant saw d bee enjoying its fly.
Both met an accident at d trunk of tree.
Can an ant fell in luv with a bee?
Bee stared d ant lifting a chocopie.
She did liked d actions made by d ant.
In this world of technology when everyone is high-tech,
so both started to text a lot and loved their talk.
Then one fine day,it rained a lot.
Ant had to hide else it would have died.
Bee had a shade but it was also not safe.
Ant had to leave d trunk and bee had to fly.
Why does it alwayz happens,that bee alwayz flies.
Couldn't it stop d ant from leaving the trunk.
Rain is not such a big deal,
that both have to leave.
But this time ant made sure that he will hold d trunk
and bee will not fly.
Guess what in no time,
spring had come,
so no need of leaving d trunk:-):-)