Sunday, August 5, 2012


Some times i wonder and I used to ask,
what is the purpose of my life and why am I here.
So many people around,with everyone running,
So many losers around,give me a feeling that I am lost.
It intrigues me so much that I feel confused.
I wonder whether life is a dream or a nightmare,
Discontent with my past,the unexpected way persons change with time,
Am I lost in my present and worrying about my future,

So I decided to run and run till my last breath.
Was it a compulsion or my choice to run,
flickering thoughts: money,desire,love,fame and passion,were chasing.
All senses came alive, in a miniature of second,
I need some air,such that I can breath,
I was deprived and alone in the utter peace.
Is it a goal or vicious circle that I am running,
but to my surprise, there were already many sprinters in the race,
competing each other in the nick of time'.

When we lay down defeated,feeling worthless and vulnerable,
even the brief touch of innocence acts as panacea.
My mind can feel the utter silence and I am getting answers to all my questions.
I realized that my journey has not yet started,
It will start when I will compete with no one else but myself.
I can feel the momentum and the pain,
Summit is coming and I have to run,
Suddenly my destination passed by,I did not realized whether it has actually happened,
I had no words to speak but can sense it happening.
A new race is waiting and i need to run again till my last breath.


  1. life is full of race nd competion...everyone has to face it , those who faced it successfully he/she will be d champion of their move on wid life possitively