Sunday, July 15, 2012

Awesome Day!!!

Writing something on the blog after a period in excess of a month.

Many-a-things happened over the past month with majority of them being unexpected.
Everything has been great looking at the bigger picture though some things could have been a little better but we don't have the command on all that is going on.
Should not regress it further as I can not clarify things to a further extent.Still I think,why do we behave in a certain way at times.

One learning for me is that I should not take things for granted and better to have clarity rather than saying some unnecessary things.

Have some of the best memories over the past year or so.They are and will stay with me forever.There is no point of any bad feeling looking at how things shaped and that was the only reason I asked like that.
I said certain things that I should not have said but wanted some things to be discussed which made whole lot of  confusion.I am a little impatient and I know my weakness of revealing things when situation demands.
The moral of the story is better to say and clarify,and have a little patience when time requires.
Coming back to the main blog, yesterday had been an awesome day spent at the Capital Club Resort.
Anyways, life is about moving on and may be this will drive us towards the bigger quests of our respective lives.

I am optimistic as always and it has always worked for me in the right way.Many big things are coming,so this is crucial phase that taught me some lessons for lifetime.

The day started with a good bike ride and some distraction in between as took a wrong turn,but finally we managed to reach our destination on time.
Then a heavy breakfast,a cricket match full of cheating,3 wins at chess, a good lunch,swimming pool and then snacks. The day was so tied up.Only thing that was missing through the day was the "Bangalore Rains" and that we finally managed to get on the return. It rained like it rained never before.Was full drenched while returning.So it was an ideal windup for the day.

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