Sunday, May 10, 2015


Hey dear sometimes I want to say a lot
And sometimes I feel I have no words
Expressing my feelings to you sometimes becomes difficult
Sometimes I feel you understand me well..

Understanding your unsaid words gives me pleasure
Caring for you has become essential part of my Life
I don’t know when I started loving you so much
But today I can’t imagine my Life without you

You say such words that I feel so complete at times
I never knew someone could ever Love me like the way you do
I just wanna say I don’t want anything else
I just want you, you and you..

I think of you everytime I fantasize our conversations..
I smile..I blush…this feeling sometimes makes me crazy..
I don’t know how someone can become so important to me
In a short span of time..
But it is well said that sometimes it takes too long to Love someone
And sometimes it is just a blink of eye..

I feel so secure with you at times
I believe I was waiting for you for all these years
I wish to thank God for giving me my true soul mate
Love u to the extent that I can’t express it !!!! Sometimes..

For my Love…

One Fine Day


One Fine Day, I met someone,
I took it as another meeting,
Two persons came, they met and they talked.

I wanted to know her first and wanted to be her friend.
But something was special with that girl,
That she knows how I feel at times and how exactly I am going to react.
Does she read my mind or what, but something is really special with this girl.

I saw her eyes, the time we met,
They were different, she was sweet, no doubt on that
But I was confused, to be frank.
Meeting a person and decide, was a big deal for me.

At times, it does happen, I don't exactly know how to react.

But still we started to chat and chat and time seems to be flying really fast.
I was wondering, has something actually got changed.
Oh good lord, I just felt that I have got a real good friend.

Time started to pass, and we were talking,
Don't know exactly, where it was going.

Slowly, things became to change,
Is it normal or actually something was changing from inside.
My feelings were genuine and the transition was smooth.

She is melodious and we do love to talk and talk and talk…
There is something in that pretty voice, which makes you even more desirable,
Difficult to explain this, but has my heart also started to change.

O pretty girl, you say things which make me feel
Was I at all missing something for all these years?
When soul is pure and heart is true,
I guess it is time to say, that I love you.

You are the best person, who came to my life and I want you to be on my side.
You standing my side through all up's and down's.

I wish you were here, standing in front of me now,
And I would be on my knees holding your hand,
I don't know what exactly to say now, as I am not good at words,
But still somehow I managed to say!!!!

Dear Pretty Girl,
I don't know how to say this,
But I think that I was missing something from quite long,
You came to my life, and things are getting to change,
Way beyond the way I thought.
My heart is getting difficult to handle alone,
And I want you to hold it for me throughout my life.
Just three words may not be sufficient to say it,
Still I will try to utter...........................









But suddenly my alarm bell ran,
And I realized, was it a movie going in my mind,
Or a sweet dream which broke at a wrong time.
Cheers to life for being so beautiful at times.

When I do write like this,
I don't know how, but everything comes from inside.

Writing does become awesome at times, that it brings the best out of me.
Each word used here is mine!!!!!!!!!!! J

One fine day, there would be no talk,
The glimpse of me sitting on the hill top, under the shade of clouds,
With all the cold breeze of this world on our side,
Me holding your hands and no one else to talk.

Silence does speak a lot, more than words,
Don’t know when, it is going to happen,
But I promise you that all this will happen …..

One Fine Day!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013


Wondering the way things are shaping up.
There is no doubt in telling that life is really unpredictable and strange. Sometimes we really strive a bit too hard, but nothing works out the way we planned. We say something, people tend to perceive in another way. We write some exam, but something new comes out of it.
Sometimes, we feel so lonely, and still we need no one to interrupt.
Sometimes, we feel crowded. Even if it is crowded, we may not find the people who matter at such a instance. People change sometimes beyond expectation, and it makes me wonder on the strange way it life changes every now and then. It is the true beauty of life and we learn as it happens.

I miss my childhood superpowers the most as they used to give me everything whatever I wished for.

 I don't believe in quitting and it is not in my genre.

Some lines are worth sharing (mixed 2/3 different authors altogether, but it's worth it :-

Talent is a wonderful thing, but it won't carry a quitter.
I won't Quit. Will strike and hit hard for sure.!!
The woods are lovely,dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep.
And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Got the much needed break. I was seeking it for quite some time.
Some friends asked me what has put my writing to such a halt.I was actually trying to write something from almost 3 months, but may be a little hectic schedule or certain mood swings were not allowing me to write.
Sitting alone in Golconda Fort, Hyderabad and no one to disturb me for at least two hours, this is like a real chance to get my way back to writings. I have all the time of world today:-)

Things are transforming fast and John Mayer's wonderful track "Stop this train" seems to be the need of hour.
This is a fact that life will change every other day and the onus lies on self rather than others how we want things to shape in your own life. I also planned a couple of things but can sense planning and execution has a couple of dependencies and need a lot of determination . I guess, now is the time to show some maturity rather than all the funny stuffs that seems to be the most essential elements these days. Regressing a certain things confuse me at times. But I guess, this is the way it goes.

The ideal start to this post should be to regress yet again on the fun part. Will be summarizing the events over the past two days or so. It has been a wonderful trip to Hyderabad. All the moments, be it the boat ride at Lumbini garden or the laser show at NTR garden, each stuffs had a moment in itself. A tour to Ramaji Film-City is an experience in itself and it's totally worth all the penny thar they charge as the entry fees there. All the shows, from movie making to stunt shows, the last ride to shooting locations: all are a real treat to watch.
Trying the most stupid Roller Coaster Ride of lifetime is a memory that will surely remain intact for a long time.

Coming from a pure North Indian Background, you might find this place a little different but something new. I also had a couple of perceptions about South India but now I am pretty sure that a couple of them are certainly wrong.
The journey has so far been real smooth, except an incident that is worth mentioning here. I went to attend a friend's marriage. To my utter surprise, I was the only person wearing a coat there. Everything was perfectly fine. All heights crossed the moment I asked for a spoon and to my surprise, a  guy asked me whether my origin is India or abroad. According to him,we in India are acquainted at eating with hands and I was the likely "alien" over there. 
I responded in a sarcastic manner and that guy could not help but laugh on his own comment. The point is, there are still certain changes that might take a little time to change.

Coming to the food part,Hyderabad is a real place for connoisseurs. It resembles Old Delhi in a couple of ways. A road trip ride to Chaar Minaar yesterday was a De-javu for a ride to Chandni Chowk.

This is such a memorable trip that will stay with me forever.

Completing Hyderabad trip within 3 days and attending a Telugu wedding was delight. They don't play songs, perform the "Nagin Dance" at band and DJ's like we do in North, still wedding in Hyderabad is a different experience in itself.

One more place,one more culture,one more ethnicity: we are correct when we boast about the unity in diversity.
Signing off for the day as my cell phone battery and my mind is going to hibernate soon in the hottest day at Hyderabad:-)

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Some times i wonder and I used to ask,
what is the purpose of my life and why am I here.
So many people around,with everyone running,
So many losers around,give me a feeling that I am lost.
It intrigues me so much that I feel confused.
I wonder whether life is a dream or a nightmare,
Discontent with my past,the unexpected way persons change with time,
Am I lost in my present and worrying about my future,

So I decided to run and run till my last breath.
Was it a compulsion or my choice to run,
flickering thoughts: money,desire,love,fame and passion,were chasing.
All senses came alive, in a miniature of second,
I need some air,such that I can breath,
I was deprived and alone in the utter peace.
Is it a goal or vicious circle that I am running,
but to my surprise, there were already many sprinters in the race,
competing each other in the nick of time'.

When we lay down defeated,feeling worthless and vulnerable,
even the brief touch of innocence acts as panacea.
My mind can feel the utter silence and I am getting answers to all my questions.
I realized that my journey has not yet started,
It will start when I will compete with no one else but myself.
I can feel the momentum and the pain,
Summit is coming and I have to run,
Suddenly my destination passed by,I did not realized whether it has actually happened,
I had no words to speak but can sense it happening.
A new race is waiting and i need to run again till my last breath.