Saturday, August 18, 2018

Tom and Jerry

Once upon a time, there was a guy.
His name was Tom, he was unique of his kind.
 He was in mid-30’s, was 6 feet tall,
With some amount of luck, always on his side.

Tom was good at his work,
His voice was low, his mind was sound.
He was a passionate man, who was equally confused at times.
He always think, how unexpectedly things change,
Can’t there be a key, to start and stop things to the way they are shaping.

Good that he had Jerry in his life,
Time changed, both moved on.
Many things remained unsaid with a mutual agreement,
That things will shape up the way they are planned.

He got a random thought,
“If I died, if there will be someone who would actually cry”.
Who would be glad and who would rejoice?
He was disturbed at the thought,
Wanted to appease his disturbed mind.

Suddenly he switched to electronic gadgets,
Which have been a crucial part of his life.
The friends count on FaceBook showed the count to be 1001,
But then he figured out how many of them actually do walk and 

Switching to TV either didn’t help,
The same old soap, the same old stuff,
All never ending stuff carrying at their own soporific pace.

At this crucial time, Jerry came and read Tom’s disturbed mind.
She smiled at Tom and the panacea effect worked for the cause.
Mind reading worked and the unsaid essense remained intact,
Life is great and it is time to celebrate.


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