Sunday, May 10, 2015


Hey dear sometimes I want to say a lot
And sometimes I feel I have no words
Expressing my feelings to you sometimes becomes difficult
Sometimes I feel you understand me well..

Understanding your unsaid words gives me pleasure
Caring for you has become essential part of my Life
I don’t know when I started loving you so much
But today I can’t imagine my Life without you

You say such words that I feel so complete at times
I never knew someone could ever Love me like the way you do
I just wanna say I don’t want anything else
I just want you, you and you..

I think of you everytime I fantasize our conversations..
I smile..I blush…this feeling sometimes makes me crazy..
I don’t know how someone can become so important to me
In a short span of time..
But it is well said that sometimes it takes too long to Love someone
And sometimes it is just a blink of eye..

I feel so secure with you at times
I believe I was waiting for you for all these years
I wish to thank God for giving me my true soul mate
Love u to the extent that I can’t express it !!!! Sometimes..

For my Love…

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