Saturday, August 18, 2018

Time flies ...

Yesterday had a conversation with an old friend.
I realized that couple of things have changed over past through days but still we are the same altogether. Coming back to blog is always good and it's being a tad too much that I didn't write.
Time does changes every now and then.
It brings all the vital changes required for our well being. But having a control over it is a something that is beyond a common man.

Saw an old classic Time-Machine. Many guys  wouldn't like it but it has a very basic fact that time can change everything. As a person we don't change, may be we adjust our self with place, time and situation, but the fundamental selves remain the same.

Keep it simple is the new mantra.....
Everyone will get what they deserve.......

That's what life is all about.
Just stay with it, cheer it, nourish it and we would realise life is just too beautiful :) 

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