Monday, January 30, 2012


Author: Sindhu Murthy

One fine day morning I woke up
As usual looked into the calendar
The Month and Day seemed familiar
I thought for a while…

Oh, it was my Birthday!!

Not sure why the thought of my Birthday
Brought a very special feeling in my heart
I remembered my childhood days when
I eagerly waited for this day all through the year!!

But this birthday I seemed a little confused
I did not know whether to feel
Happy for being a part of the living beings in this world
Or Sad for its recurrence that I am getting older
Or Worry about what I achieved being here all these years!!

The worry seemed appropriate, logical & realistic
I prepared myself to think & find an answer
Soon I realized, I am no great person
I did not sacrifice my life for others’ well-being
I achieved nothing!!

This made me feel very sad
My mind questioned the reason of my existence
In this disheartened state, I pushed
Myself to complete a boring task!!

Soon my cell-phone beeped and rang
My mailbox alerted me
Of my birthday wishes coming in!!

My loved-ones, friends, well-wishers
All wanted to wish me a Happy Day &
Bring gladness in my heart!!

I got busy returning them a Thank You note
With a big Smile on my face
Their care and selfless thought to make me
Feel special widened my SMILE!!

I wished I could send them
My big smiley face in response
To show how contented I was
For this is wanted they wanted to see!!

Being tied at the courtesy of Words
I was left with no option but to send
A few thanks-filled messages!!

Oh, dear people
A word of Thank You is all
I can say and send for now
But I do feel a lot more!!

I find no better way
To convey my
Gratitude to all of you!!

I am old for a Birthday gift
I am older for a Birthday cake
But still I got both & felt great
The word Thank You does not suffice!!

Late in the day, I wondered about
The worry I had in my mind
To my astonishment, I had forgotten it
In the happiness of celebrating my Birthday!!

I concluded my day with these thoughts
Already being in this world for so long
I know a very few people who made me
Forget the question of my existence!!

They all made me feel that
I am significant to them
What would I do without them?
The thought seemed scary!!

Now should I still dig into my worry
To find an answer??

Or should I bring in smile on their face
When I get an opportunity??
I decided not to miss a single occasion
To make them feel the same!!
I know you won’t too

Always remember to Wish, Greet
And let others know
What they are to you
They are very precious!!


Great job Sindhu:):)
Keep writing.Need to start the newsletter soon.Will put it there........

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Another season came and just getting the feeling that it will pass soon.We are towards the end of Jan.So it's high time for many of us.I also expected some,but things does not seems to be working out for me these days.Blessed to get some nice advice but still hazy on what to do next.Last 10-12 days were full of action with the newsletter and the new options coming and going,what is important now is to set up the expectation and priorities accordingly.

I have always been a firm believer to speak out the things clearly and take actions accordingly.But this time when I have to decide on a couple of things,me actually unsure of taking that major step.Need to fix it out soon as there is no point in swaying back and forth.Now it's kind of high time for sure.The way India is performing with Aussie's is actually letting everyone down but they(Indian team) themselves are looking clueless on how to tackle Aussie's.

Such things does happen with each one of us at some stage but we need to come out of it.Got a very good advice from a friend of mine.It's actually a sort of test of 15 minutes but it seems to be a panacea for messed up and confused materials like me.What we have to do is just to close the eyes and think of some of the best moments of life followed by thinking about those people who actually brought about some major changes in our life.Then we need to think what will are the major priorities for short term and long term.Ultimately the next decision that we are going to make will fulfill the major expectation set by ourselves.Please don't mix it with Gandhiji's Talisman,as this will take to a next stage:)
Basically there are three major questions-what,why and how:but if we start regressing them,it may take more than an hour or so.
This concept may sound a bit confusing,but regressing all this in utter silence will definitely help.We will get names of some key persons in our life whom we never want to loose and some big ambitions waiting yet to be discovered.
I guess that I regressed beyond the expectation,so sounding a bit puzzling now.
So wrapping it all this soon:):)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ant and Bee!!!!!

There was an ant and a bee.
Ant loved to walk,bee loved to fly.
One fine day,they met on a tree.
Ant saw d bee enjoying its fly.
Both met an accident at d trunk of tree.
Can an ant fell in luv with a bee?
Bee stared d ant lifting a chocopie.
She did liked d actions made by d ant.
In this world of technology when everyone is high-tech,
so both started to text a lot and loved their talk.
Then one fine day,it rained a lot.
Ant had to hide else it would have died.
Bee had a shade but it was also not safe.
Ant had to leave d trunk and bee had to fly.
Why does it alwayz happens,that bee alwayz flies.
Couldn't it stop d ant from leaving the trunk.
Rain is not such a big deal,
that both have to leave.
But this time ant made sure that he will hold d trunk
and bee will not fly.
Guess what in no time,
spring had come,
so no need of leaving d trunk:-):-)