Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Today being the first day of the year 2012.End of an spectacular year,with lots highs with some lows.It's being almost a year now in Bangalore.Still remember the day,when came to Bangalore after completion of ILP.TCS being the first job brought so much excitement in my life.Still never found it to be the appropriate place for me but lots of learning and new experiences in through the year.Being in Bangalore and having a very few friends here at the start, thought of leaving it earlier.But as the year passed by,got some of the most endearing friends which played a crucial role in getting towards the bigger endeavors of the life.
Coming to the upcoming year,next couple of days have to be a bit stressful,as banking on some of the things which need to be settled out soon.Hoping each one of us will get the best of themselves.HappY NeW YeaR:):)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

NewsMaker of the year 2011: M.S. Dhoni

Unlike other greats, Dhoni doesn't have the technical efficiency or elegance or panache that makes cricket folklore but somehow he transcends all boundaries and makes himself a hero to the common man. He seldom makes batting look good but his helicopter shot makes even the connoisseur of the game make an exception and applaud.
Despite all his inadequacies, Dhoni ended India's 28-year-long wait for a World Cup win and led the team to world's No. 1 Test status. What makes Dhoni click seems to defy logic but what makes him a hero to millions makes more sense - he hails from a small-town with modest means and unlike other success stories, Dhoni has shown that anyone can make it big with hard work. He gives the small town enthusiasts the belief and confidence to dream big.

This year Time magazine named Dhoni in its list of 100 most influential people in the world. Time's description of Dhoni was penned by Chetan Bhagat, saying:
"As astonishing as Dhoni's talent is his background. Indian success stories are usually associated with pedigree, connections and power. Dhoni, from a small-town family of modest means, had none of these, but he's shown India that you can make it with only one thing: excellence. Dhoni doesn't just lead a cricket team; he's also India's captain of hope. And he didn't just win India the World Cup; he also taught India how to win."

-----------------------------An excerpt from Yahoo India-----------------------------

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Sometimes we get a gut feeling,but we don't know what exactly does it means.
We try to speak out something,but don't get the words to express ourselves.
We do try to emulate someone,but it still doesn't work out.
We do witness some illusion,but cann't sort out what exactly they points out.
We do say something,but we means exactly the opposite.
It does happen that we say something,but then get confused why we said so,and confuse ourselves what exactly we meant by that.
It does happen that we need some backup at times,but it does feel bad when we don't get that at such crucial times.
Life is nothing but a game,showing up new players every now and then.It keeps on changing all the times.From the time we are born,we comes across new people,make new friends and witness new moments.
I still remember the first day when I went to school,and got a new bunch of classmates.We fought very badly for a small chocolate,and used to get angry when one gets the bigger bunch of share than the other.But it does felt great,when the other person exchange his share,and both agreed finally on sharing it equally.Similarly,the time when someone cheers up for you,getting happy for you and be there in your misery always motivates you to do well.
But it is actually ephemeral.Life keeps on changing with time and people do change with their changing priorities.But is it right?Why cann't we always remain the same?
Darwin's Theory of adapting with the change has always been significant.But this strange feeling of missing something has always been a nightmare from the very childhood.Actually I don't know,what does it actually means.But this feeling has been the same..........

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Revolution 2020

Just completed Revolution 2020.Heard some bad reviews about the novel earlier,but I actually liked this.The good thing about Chetan Bhagat is that his writings involves no fantasies and one can connect the writings to his life.Just getting a strange feeling after completing it.Life is really puzzling at times and we don't have answers to it every time.Every person has a good and a bad soul in himself.What matter's is which part is going to win and it will ultimately determine the fate.Is Gopal a bad person or the situations have made him the same?If Arti's stand in dilemma has been right?If Raghav can ever bring the revolution in a country having so many Shukla Ji's?These are some of the questions that will bother you through the novel.The end has been surprising but it could not have been better.Gopal has been the most influencing character but he never got his destiny.It's a story covering intellect,luck,fame,love,dream and destiny.At some places,the plots have lost their sheen, but Chetan Bhagat brought the story back in the plots as soon as you might get offended.So this one is a worth reading.