Friday, June 24, 2011

Why do we always hurt those closest to us?

Why do we always hurt those closest to us? These are the people that mean the most to us yet so often we find ourselves losing our temper more quickly with them, or say things we know are hurtful. On the flip side, we tend to almost be more cordial and tolerant with those who are not so close to us. We tend to try harder to please those that are not so close, and therefore are more polite and grateful to them.

Some people say that the answer to the question of why we tend to hurt those closer to us is because ironically ourloved ones be it parents,good friends or beloved ones know the 'buttons' to push in us. They know what triggers us and when they do it, they hurt us more deeply and we retaliate and hurt them back. This is true when there is a very low level of trust in the relationship. We may have been hurt so many times by those close to us that our response to a slight provocation is based not only on the provocation at hand but also all the past hurts we have endured. This results in a disproportionately more severe retaliation to hurt the person.

We are more likely to get angry at someone close to us because we have higher expectations of them. We expect them to know us and understand us better, to be able to predict our needs and take heed to our feelings better. We expect them to be more sensitive, more reliable, more trustworthy and more loving. We expect more time, more effort and more commitment to us. These higher expectations also means that it is easier for our dear ones to fall short of them. Failure to meet and expectation hurts us more deeply when it is by a dear one.

The next reason why we are more likely to get angry to someone close to us is because we have come to take them for granted. For new acquaintances or those not so close to us, we try to impress and gain their friendship by being nicer and more polite. However when it comes to our dear ones, we feel that we no longer have to work for their affection.Some of us may think this is rather morbid but I can guarantee that you will stop taking those around you for granted if you always keep in mind the possibility you could lose this person.

In conclusion, talk about your expectations and always learn to cherish those close to you before it is too late. This way, atleast there will be at least a sense of faith and honour for aur dear ones,and we will think thrice before actually hurting the feeling.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Day Full Of Confusion!!!!!!

When we wakes up in the morning,what is the first thing that comes to our mind?I guess everyone thinks that the day goes smoothly with not much ambiguities and complications.But we can n't predict that what is actually there in store for us.

On the same note I started my day with the same thinking of having a great weekend but things always don't go the way we actually want it to be.

Actually I had a plan of going for a movie with a friend today so I decided to skip a session that I had to attend today.But then due to advent of mobile technology,things got worse when I called her and she called me back.By chance it came busy each of the time.Phone kiya,trunk call kiya ,sms kiya,ping kiya but things didn't go according to my plan.So I decided to skip the plan of movie and attending the session again.I was getting the feeling that this is just the beginning of a day that had so many surprises for me.
I guess in the past one month,it was the hottest day and to my surprise,no bus came at my stop.After half an hour,I got into a bus that was already overcrowded which ultimately got struck in the worst Bangalorian traffic jam:(.I had to report for the session at 1.30 pm but I reached there by 2 pm.The faculty was ready to kick me out of the class but somehow I got to convince him that by mistake I thought the timing of session to be 2 pm rather than 1.30 pm.After attending the session for 4.5 hrs,I just wanted to end my day at a good note.

So I thought of calling my friend for a walk but my good luck was at it utter best.I got to a Volvo and I somehow dropped the ticket somewhere in the bus itself.In the last 5 years or so,I never saw that police comes to check whether everyone is carrying a ticket or not.So a cop caught me travelling without a ticket and he was ready with a big fine.I knew it could n't be better for me,but thanks to the school-kind of bag gifted by my old teammates,I somehow convinced the cop that I actually bought a ticket and I lost the ticket in bus itself by mistake.The conductor came to my rescue.I had money but by chance I escaped without a fine:).Anyway,this day had it moments but things went exactly the opposite I thought it to be a day before:(
Still 3 hrs are left for the day and I am skeptical that still some surprises are there in store for me:):):):).

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awesome day @Park Field Resotel.

Today got an opportunity to go on outing with my new team at Dell.It was filled with all the fun.We started the day with a good breakfast and then went for cricket.My good day continued with a great batting display filled with 11 sixes and a good bowling performance and we won conveniently.Then it was time for tennis.I realized that playing tennis was not at all easy.Then we went for lunch and the best part of the trip came with action at swimming pool where we played water polo.It was really a mesmerizing trip with some of the best memories which I will carry throughout the life.:)